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Huff N’ Even More Puff

Light & Wonder

Huff N’ Even More Puff

This third game in Light & Wonder’s Huff N’ Puff series features all the popular features of the first two, plus enhanced features including a two-level wheel bonus.

The base game is a five-reel, 243-ways-to-win video slot. As in previous iterations, the goal is to land hat, buzzsaw and mansion symbols to increase the value of a free-game feature, using the “Three Little Pigs” story as the basic theme.

Landing six or more hats yields six free spins. Landing a hat on a space that already had a hat before upgrades it from a straw to a stick house, and then on the third appearance in the same space to a brick house, or mansion.

What follows is a hold-and-re-spin feature played out on a dual reel array. During the free spins, if three or more hats land on a single spin, it counts as a retrigger and yields an additional spin, along with whatever frames or upgrading of frames would occur.

The added feature in this version of the game is a two-level wheel bonus. When the main wheel feature is triggered, slices on the wheel can award one of the bonuses or one of the lower-level jackpots. Landing an “Upgrade” symbol on the wheel triggers the “Super Wheel,” which includes the top Grand and Super progressives.

There are five available jackpots, including static awards of $10 (Mini) and $50 (Minor), and progressives which, on the penny version of the game, reset at $1,000 (Major), $7,500 (Grand) and $15,000 (Super). However, those jackpots scale with the denomination. The top Super jackpot is actually 1.5 million credits, and denominations go up to $2, which would put the Super reset at $3 million.

Manufacturer: Light & Wonder
Platform: Cosmic
Format: Five-reel, 243-ways-to-win video slot
Max Bet: 50, 360, 600, 800
Denomination: .01, .02, .05, .10, 1.00, 2.00
Top Award: Progressive; reset at 1.5 million credits times denomination
Hit Frequency: 32%
RTP Range: 86.85%-93.83%

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