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Happy Slot

AC Coin & Slot

Happy Slot

This game repeats AC Coin’s tried-and-true formula of combining a proven bonus game format with “Quick Hit,” its frequent secondary bonus event. In this case, the format is the “Big Roller” series, which places a large, vertical scrolling bonus device atop a five-reel stepper slot.

The base five-reel slot in this case is IGT’s “Double Sizzling 7s,” a strong game in itself that combines multiple “7” combinations with a multiplying wild symbol. Single, double and triple and wild “7” symbols in various positions on a payline form a total of 15 paying combinations, and the wild “Double 777” symbol substitutes for all but bonus triggers and doubles the jackpot in any winning combination.

Both the main bonus and the Quick Hit bonus use the top-box bonus board. The Big Hit bonus occurs every seven spins, on average. It is initiated by two scattered “HS” symbols (for Happy Slot) on the middle reels. Award squares on the top-box bonus light up and randomly go out one by one until one is left for the player’s award, averaging 149 credits.

The main “Double Bonus” event, occurring every 63 spins on average, is initiated by three scattered HS symbols on the middle reels. Sixteen award values and 10 multiplier values appear on the bonus award strip, which spins when the bonus is initiated. When the spinning stops, lighted award squares go out one by one until one remains, and then the multiplier squares flash until on is left for a multiplied award, averaging 1,553 credits.

Manufacturer: AC Coin & Slot
IGT S2000
Five-reel, 25-line stepper slot
Player-selectable multi-denomination
Max Bet:
Top Award:
Hit Frequency:
Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold:

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