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Fu Nan Fu Nu


Fu Nan Fu Nu

This is one of the featured games on the new AGS Orion cabinet, with its unique large flat monitor framed by marquee-style lighting. Fu Nan Fu Nu is a traditional Chinese themed game that features “Fu Nan” (Lucky Boy) and “Fu Nu” (Lucky Girl). Pays are from left to right and use the “PowerXStream” evaluation method.

PowerXStream is a ways-to-win game, with no paylines and wins registered by adjacent symbols. In the three-by-five configuration (five reels, three symbols each), the base game returns 243 possible ways to win on each spin. There is a four-tier progressive jackpot, triggered through one of the two main bonus events.

The Jackpot Pick Bonus is a picking event triggered at random when a wild symbol lands on the reels. Each time a wild symbol lands, sparks fly up to the top screen on the flat vertical monitor to fire up a random number of firecrackers displayed in a dual string. This string will continue to light until only the top two are unlit. Those two fireworks at the top will remain unlit until the jackpot pick triggers, regardless of how many wild symbols land on subsequent spins.

When the jackpot round is triggered, all the fireworks explode to reveal a picking screen. The player picks icons—each corresponding to one of the progressives—until matching three to award the prize. The top progressive resets at $10,000.

There also is a unique free-spin event that allows the player to choose the volatility of the free games by expanding the reel array. When the free-spin round is triggered, the player chooses either 15 free spins with the normal three-by-five configuration (243 ways to win per spin), 10 free spins on a four-by-five array (1,024 ways to win) or five free spins on a five-by-five array (3,125 ways to win).

In an intriguing twist, 50 percent of the time either a “Big Win” or a free-spin trigger is going to land, an animation will play that shows a message to the player telling them that “luck has arrived,” and then shows either Fu Nan or Fu Nu riding the dragon across the screen, accompanied by a sound effect. This “pre-tell” happens right after the reels start spinning and ends before any reels come to a stop.

Manufacturer: AGS
Platform: Orion
Format: Five-reel, ways-to-win video slot
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 888
Top Award: Progressive; $10,000 reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 30%
Theoretical Hold: 5%-14%