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Former Global Payments Division Debuts as Pavilion Payments

At midnight on April 1, Global Payments Gaming Solutions officially became the independent Pavilion Payments, after Boston-based Parthenon Capital, a leading growth-oriented private equity firm, completed its previously announced acquisition of the Gaming Solutions division from Global Payments Inc.

Pavilion Payments will continue to offer Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ full suite of payments solutions for the gaming industry, including VIP Preferred and the award-winning cashless solution VIP Mobility.

According to the February press release announcing the acquisition, Pavilion Payments “will deliver the world’s most innovative integrated payments ecosystem, enabling gaming operators to create seamless consumer experiences across their physical and digital properties.

“The company’s end-to-end solutions will facilitate flexible and seamless funding across locations, devices and channels. With state-of-the-art kiosk, cashless and iGaming technology, Pavilion Payments will be at the forefront of the gaming industry’s evolution.”

In an interview at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow with CDC Gaming Reports, Christopher Justice, who was CEO of the gaming payments division and is now CEO of Pavilion Payments, said Pavilion will continue to partner with Global Payments, Inc. “The advantage for Global is that it maintains an incredibly powerful business unit as a very strong customer,” Justice said. “All the while, it allows this business to grow and expand in a highly regulated environment without putting a lot of those burdens and pressures back on Global Payments as a whole.”

Justice told CDC that Global Payments will continue to be a long-term partner because “they provide the payments infrastructure that we’ve leveraged for years, which has given our customers incredible uptime reliability.” Parthenon Capital also provides a sound financial partner.

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