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Epic Edge

TransAct Technologies Inc.

Epic Edge

TransAct’s Epic Edge is the company’s latest choice in ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) printers, offering the highest quality in the market thanks to its leading print resolution and cutting-edge functions. Featuring an unmatched 300 dpi, a high-speed firmware uploading solution and a single interface board, the “Edge” is packed with technology to simplify operations and maximize slot floor performance.

The Epic Edge’s 300 dpi resolution replicates a nearly unlimited array of characters of multiple languages to fit the needs of casinos worldwide. By creating razor-sharp barcodes, it also improves ticket acceptance rates and reduces attendant calls, thus increasing casino performance and allowing slot and table operations to run at peak efficiency. With its production of eye-catching, dynamic graphic images, the printer is also ideal for implementation alongside applications such as Epicentral, TransAct’s bonusing software system.

Designed with the latest technology, the printer’s firmware is updated via a full-speed USB 2.0 connection or directly via a micro SD card, making the process faster and easier than ever. The Epic Edge also comes with a Quick Disconnect Technology, allowing it to be easily removed and installed in the slot machines without powering down the game or fumbling around the back of the cabinet to find cables.

In addition, it is fully equipped with serial and USB interfaces that are conveniently built into a single board. As such, casino operators only need to inventory a single printer, for any game.

Additional features include a single rugged outer chassis with color-coded rails and an adjustable ticket bucket that accommodates standard and smaller, paper-saving tickets to work with ecological programs being implemented in casinos.

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