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Empire Technological Group

Table games get SMRT with Empire’s products and technologies

Empire Technological Group

Las Vegas-based Empire Technological Group (ETG), founded in 2012, initially was known for its innovations in table game technology. Empire has since expanded its product line with a suite of compelling live table games, game themes and technology products that are both operator-tested and player-approved.

Empire technologies provide real-time data that allows operators to make decisions based on revenue—not on visual observations or on information that may be many hours old. The company holds multiple patents around these technologies.

Empire has moved into the casino space with a range of SMRT Choice Products and table games. Its SMRT Choice category includes five solutions now in the marketplace. They include:

  • SMRT Trend Board, which captures baccarat data from Empire’s Power Shoe or Dealer Terminal, which can be customized for use on most baccarat games, blackjack and poker derivatives, and can display advertisements and casino promotions;
  • SMRT Trend Wall, which displays “hot” EGT baccarat SMRT Trend tables at a casino in real time, including at entryways and in hotel rooms, restaurants and table game pits; and,
  • SMRT Power Shoe, with six- to eight-deck options and which guarantees 100 percent accuracy with no misdeals.

“ETG has narrowed its focus to provide the best-in-class technology for table games and video games,” says Executive Director John Glaser. “Our roots are in table games, and we know this is an area largely ignored by technology.

“Our SMRT Products provide technology solutions to allow the operators to make better business decisions with data that they can see at any moment. This has proven to be invaluable for several of the largest card room operators in California, and we’re expanding beyond the card rooms; 2021 will see a major implementation of SMRT products both in card rooms and casinos.”

Progressive features for poker and baccarat are among the technology developments set for 2021, he adds; those solutions will launch in the first quarter.

“Current video game development is focused on creating and deploying exciting high-denomination games at a price that makes it virtually impossible for an operator not to consider,” Glaser continues. “Future game development includes our Paradise Slot brand, a series of video versions of table games unlike any that players or casino operators have ever seen—table game versions that play like real table games. Since we have a table game background, who better to develop and bring to market video version of table games than us?”

Empire table games include Golden Frog Baccarat, Pai Gow Royals, Pai Gow Poker Dragon versus Tiger War, Vegas 6+ Hold Em Poker and others. The most popular and successful by far is Golden Frog Baccarat, due to its additional, configurable side bets, which increase the hold percentage for operators. Operators can choose from up to five unique side bets. Such products have allowed Empire to establish itself as a premier supplier of tables games in several of the largest California card rooms.

In 2018, Empire entered the video gaming market, and has successfully designed, developed, built and launched a video game cabinet and more than 20 titles.

Empire also offers a large portfolio of slot games and state-of-the-art cabinets that can be tailored to any property’s distinct player demographic. Its new Akkadian cabinet—inspired by the ancient Akkadian Empire of Mesopotamia—was first introduced in summer 2019, and now can be found in numerous locations in Southern California and aboard several cruise ships operated by Carnival Cruise Lines.

Akkadian’s True High Limit Games include:

Jackpot Series, featuring high-hit-frequency progressive jackpots offered in linked and stand-alone configurations. The progressive amount starts at $10,000; five-line, three-reel games with max bet amounts are designed to keep players playing without exhausting their bankroll. Classic game styling with vibrant colors and sounds and fun, easy-to-understand game and bonus features were created to boost coin-in. Exemplary performers include Jackpot Bonus 7x7x7x, Jackpot Multipliers 4x3x2x1x, Jackpot Tornado and Jackpot Big Wheel, with form, function and content combining for a premier player experience.

Jackpot Bonus, a classic game styling that embodies the nostalgia of a classical stepper game, featuring frequent free games with exciting paybacks. This five-credit max bet with a two-level progressive and unique game play features a recognizable bonus feature with free games and retriggers for additional free games (with a potential of up to 510 free games).

Jackpot Multipliers, with a bet structure designed for high-limit denominations, and an easy-to-understand base game featuring juicy multiplier pay combinations. This three-reel, five-line game features a great multiplier bonus game designed to bring nostalgia to the high-limit floor. An eight-credit max bet ensures the player will not feel the pinch in their wallet.

Jackpot Tornado, featuring the crescendo win feature. This new bonus guarantees that players cannot go below the lowest pay. A three-reel, five-line game with a bonus feature at two credits or more, occurring with a high frequency, encourages player to stay and play longer while generating more handle for the operator.

Stay tuned for two more titles in Empire’s Jackpot Series: Jackpot Big Wheel and Jackpot Ladder Dice, both coming soon. All titles are available on the new Akkadian platform featuring two dual high-definition 27-inch monitors with the latest, highest-quality hardware available. And all are available for lease or purchase under Empire’s new pricing program.

“We will also be launching a second cabinet in 2021 that will be a complement to our current Akkadian cabinet,” says Glaser. “This new cabinet will be a single, J-curve profile screen with LED lighting and the most advance processor in the market. A complete suite of new titles has been developed for this cabinet. We expect to launch this new cabinet in the second quarter of 2021.”

Empire currently holds gaming licenses in seven jurisdictions and is in the process of completing its Nevada license. According to President Frank Feng, the company “has an aggressive schedule to pursue over 40 new licenses in 2021. Key jurisdictions such as Louisiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and others are our targets, right after we receive our Nevada approval.

“Nevada has been in the works for some time now, and if it wasn’t for the pandemic, we believe our approval would have been completed.”

The company also has more than 15 new video game titles and a new cabinet slated for launch in 2021.

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