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Dragon Fury

Konami Gaming

Dragon Fury

This is one of Konami’s featured games on the new Concerto Crescent cabinet, the manufacturer’s new format featuring a 43-inch, curved vertical LCD monitor. Like other Konami video slots in what’s called the Concerto Collection, the cabinet also features sleek black design, signature holographic lighting, and games on the slot-maker’s KP-3+ video platform.

Dragon Fury is designed to maximize the effect of the Concerto Crescent. The game is in the company’s trademark “MultipleLines 7-8-8-8-7” configuration—seven symbols on each of the outer two reels; eight symbols on each of the inner three. The oversized reels fill up most of the cabinet’s super-sized portrait monitor, and the increased jackpot symbols permit this particular game to be offered to casinos in 80-line or 120-line versions, with one betting unit activating two paylines.

In the primary game, wild symbols appear on the second through fifth reels, substituting for all but the orb scatter symbol.

Each wild symbol occupies two consecutive positions on the same reel.

The orb symbols appear on the three middle reels, and trigger one of four “Orb Free Game” features. One or two orb symbols can appear on each reel. Three scattered orbs trigger the Green Orb feature; four orbs, the Blue Orb; five symbols, the Yellow Orb; and six symbols, the Red Orb. Each triggers eight free games, but the orb color determines the number of top-paying dragon symbols added to the reels for the free-spin round.

A maximum of 241 dragon symbols can be added to the possible free-spin results for triggering the feature with six orb symbols.

Dragon Fury can also be configured to include a mystery-trigger, two-level standalone progressive jackpot.

Manufacturer: Konami Gaming
Platform: Concerto Crescent
Format: Five-reel, 80-line or 120-line video slot
Denomination: .01, .02, .05, .10, .25, .50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00
Max Bet: 320
Top Award: 200 times two-line bet
Hit Frequency: 48%
Theoretical Hold: 4%-18%

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