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Culture Convergence

Jordan Levin, Managing Director, Williams Interactive

Culture Convergence

Following the Scientific Games acquisition of WMS Industries, the organization wisely maintained the leadership of one of its most prominent executives, Jordan Levin. In his new role as managing director of Williams Interactive, Levin is helping to shape the future of one of the world’s largest providers of lottery, gaming and interactive products and services through his oversight of the company’s interactive group.

Continuing under the Williams Interactive brand, Levin’s role includes overall strategic direction, business development, sales and marketing, and operational activities.

Williams Interactive was formalized in 2012 with the mission to leverage content and operations expertise in the various online, social, mobile and other interactive sectors. Levin is confident that both within his company and on a broader industry scale, this segment is the perfect fit for young leaders like him.

“The interactive industry is full of professionals from the X and Y generations in positions of management and influence,” Levin says. “With respect to high technology and creative industries, this is logical. The learning curve is faster and faster, and young professionals (especially in technology) have a great opportunity in any type of interactive industry, including gaming. The sector is unquestionably opening doors for emerging leaders and young professionals looking to establish themselves.”

While Levin believes that the opportunities are significant across the spectrum of the gaming industry, he is also confident there is something unique about the culture at Williams Interactive that allows for emerging leaders to thrive and advance.

“By and large, we have a culture that encourages hard work as well as fun,” he says. “We very much are and very much continue to strive to retain a true internet culture.”

Levin also credits the structure of his organization for its ability to identify and promote young leaders.

“Our culture is largely non-hierarchical,” Levin explains. “I personally place little premium on someone’s title, and I ensure my management team understands and lives that as well. Ideas and decisions come from all areas of Williams Interactive, and I myself have a complete and total open-door policy.”

Perhaps one of Levin’s greatest assets is his ability to mentor emerging colleagues and to share the invaluable management experience he has gained at such a young age.

“I encourage my youngest, highest-potential employees to learn the ‘softer skills’ required in management,” Levin explains. “It is not only about how smart and prepared you are, but also about showing respect, patience, and demonstrating the ability to build a supporting coalition.”

Levin admits he was flattered to be included among the inaugural class of Emerging Leaders, but as with many great leaders, is also quick to give credit and thanks to his organization and team members for their support and contributions.

“The success of Williams Interactive would not be possible without the outstanding management teams and employee base we have working in all of our locations around the world,” he says.

When it comes to shaping the future of one of the world’s largest gaming and lottery entities, Levin knows this has everything to do with developing its people.

“I will continue to encourage my team to place a premium on hard work and preparation,” he says. “There are no short-cuts in life. I teach my youngest, high-potential colleagues to chase their ambitions within our organization. We have several examples of young professionals already operating in positions of heavy responsibility and influence, and those folks are models for everyone. I am proud to have this be one of the hallmarks of my leadership at Williams.”

Kimberly Arnold is chief operating officer of the Innovation Group and co-manages the firm’s Innovation Interactive practice. She has worked as a strategic adviser and research specialist to tribes, providers and lotteries specific to online gaming throughout the past several years. Arnold can be reached at 303-798-7711 or   ?