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Crush Series

Everi Holdings

Crush Series

This game group on the new curved Empire Flex cabinet features new versions of one of its most popular games, Crush—the game that replaces spinning reels with a sculpted Aztec head. The player sends boulders down one of two chutes for each play, to where the head drives down to crush the boulders to yield credit awards.

This has been one of Everi’s most popular game mechanics, as players can send the Aztec hammer down several times on some plays to crush a boulder or increase the prize. The two new games are called Crush Conquest and Crush Dynasty.

Crush Dynasty and Crush Conquest contain no reels, lines or pay tables, and instead feature a sculpted dragon or Aztec head that crushes boulders to yield credits. Both themes showcase the Rampage Feature, a mystery event where the head icon crushes multiple boulders that roll down chutes on either side of the screen to award large bonuses. Higher bets increase the prize amounts revealed by the crushed boulders, which is sure to keep players entertained.

When the Rampage Feature triggers, the pace of the game increases as boulders fly down from both sides of the curved portrait screen as the player sends down the head (or dragon head) to crush them. It is a great interactive event that has caught on as a true alternative to spinning reels in a video slot.

One of the sequences in the game requires several cracks at crushing a boulder to revel one of six levels of progressive jackpot, with reset levels ranging from $15 for the Mini to $2,000 for the Ultra.

Manufacturer: Everi Holdings
Platform: Empire Flex
Format: Wagers initiate animated boulder-crushing sequence for credits
Denomination: .01 to 100.00
Max Bet: 500
Top Award: Progressive; $2,000 reset
Hit Frequency: 15%, 17%
Theoretical Hold: 3%-11%

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