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Cintas: For Uniforms They’ll Love to Wear

At the Cintas Fashion Show at G2E, learn to dress the rank-and-file in style.

Cintas: For Uniforms They’ll Love to Wear

Merriam-Webster defines uniforms as conformist clothing that presents “an unvaried appearance of surface, pattern, or color.”

In other words, dullsville. Right?


Research shows that the uniforms of many professions—health care, the military, law enforcement, and of course, hospitality—promote unity, create a level playing ground, and reflect career accomplishment.

Perhaps more importantly, well-crafted, comfortable uniforms make employees look and feel good, so they represent the corporate brand with style and distinction.

At G2E this year, don’t miss the Cintas Design Collective fashion show, Wednesday, October 16 from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Special Events Stage. This exciting runway show proves that workplace uniforms can be both fashionable and easy to wear, with the kind of just-pressed crispness that always makes your team members look sharp.

Cintas uniforms are designed to be both “fashion-forward and sustainable,” says Design Manager Joanna Cordero. “What good is some gem of a dress if you can’t wash it? We engineer features into the garments so they’re sustainable, but with luxury and luster in the trims and details.” The high-performance garments are made to complement all body sizes and types; as Cordero points out, the runway models at G2E will represent a range of shapes.

Resort themes can be suggested subtly, she says: “If you’re looking for a Western look, you don’t have to go full-blown John Wayne; we can offer a modernized version, with the Americana in the details. Using those kinds of low-key elements can also extend the longevity of the look.”

When working with a casino resort or hotel, Cintas’ design consultants present several options in keeping with the operator’s goals and budget. These experts also go to the front lines—talking with the employees themselves—to find out what they want in terms of workplace apparel.

Sometimes, Cordero says, a department head may be looking for a “GQ look” for male employees that the men on the floor do not find comfortable or practical—“They just don’t think they’re ‘that guy.’”

In such cases, “We try to find a happy medium, maybe something not so slick. Believe me, if you don’t listen to the employees, you’ll get feedback. You’re going to hear the likes and dislikes.”

All uniforms are part of a larger story, the story of the property, the brand, and the entertainment experience.

“At the end of the day, it’s a partnership,” Cordero says. “Our strategy is listening and understanding what our customers want, and helping them tell a cohesive story with flair.”

To learn more about Cintas workplace apparel or talk with a representative, visit Booth 1235 at G2E, or visit

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