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CasinoTrac/Table Trac

For Reliability, Security and Peace of Mind

CasinoTrac/Table Trac

With more than 25 years in the gaming industry, Table Trac Inc. continues to lead the way by developing innovative solutions to help casinos around the world maintain a competitive edge.

2020 has brought many changes to the gaming industry and society as a whole. Table Trac responded by providing a way for casinos to open responsibly and safely welcome guests back using its Dynamic Auto Social Distance software. Game availability and selection is a difficult challenge for casinos facing the prospect of shutting off 50 percent of their games to support social distancing. CasinoTrac’s Dynamic Auto Social Distancing software solves this by automatically placing adjacent games out of service when a machine is selected for play by a guest, and restoring those games to service when the player leaves. Casinos can continue to maintain a diversity of game offerings for their players by keeping all their games in service and ensuring a player’s favorite slot machine is still available. This patent-pending feature has assisted casinos to safely reopen across Nevada, Oklahoma, Maryland, California, Washington, Iowa, the Caribbean and South America.

The CasinoTrac Casino Management System continues to be the most secure and scalable casino management system on the market today, and future system upgrades are included at no additional cost to customers. The feature-rich CMS automates operations, guest rewards, promotions administration and management, cage management and audit/accounting. Operating on an encrypted Linux-based server platform provides 99 percent uptime, reliability and security that is second to none.

CasinoTrac also offers a fully integrated and interactive analytics platform called DataTrac that provides casinos with valuable in-depth insight into the performance of the slot floor, pit and player performance in addition to measuring the success of current promotional strategies. Using easy-to-read visualizations and dashboards, DataTrac empowers users to get the most out of their data. Keeping a property’s information safe and secure is CasinoTrac’s top priority, and DataTrac does just that. Casino operators can enjoy peace of mind knowing all their data stays on the property with no need for third-party vendors or cloud services.

For more information on the CasinoTrac Total Casino Management System or CasinoTrac’s other products, visit

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