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Cash Machine Jackpots / Gold Standard Jackpots

Everi Holdings

Cash Machine Jackpots / Gold Standard Jackpots

One of Everi’s strongest games over the past two years has been Cash Machine, a simple three-reel game with a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” pay scheme. The symbols on the three stepper reels are numbers, and the cash amount spelled out by the three reels is the payoff. For instance, 10-5-00 on the three reels returns the top $10,500 jackpot on the dollar game at max bet.

(Max bet is required to complete combinations made on all three reels. The above combination at less than max bet would return $105.)

Everi has taken the basic Cash Machine game and added a three-level progressive jackpot, triggered through a bonus wheel that awards credits or one of the progressives. The result is a pair of sister games, Cash Machine Jackpots and Gold Standard Jackpots.

Featured on Everi’s tall Skyline Revolve stepper cabinet—which places a mechanical wheel box on top of the supplier’s standard Player Classic stepper cabinet—the base game in both is a standard high-denomination three-reel stepper with the Cash Machine what-you-see setup. During the base game, reels will randomly nudge to a guaranteed winning combination.

A “Spin” symbol on the third reel triggers the jackpot wheel, which spins to credit awards of 40, 60, 80, 100, 200 or 1,000 credits, or one of the three progressive jackpots—A Minor resetting at $300, a Major starting at $1,800, or the top Grand, resetting at $150,000.

Manufacturer: Everi
Skyline Revolve
Three-reel, single-line stepper slot
.25, .50, 1.00
Max Bet:
Top Award:
Progressive; $150,000 reset
Hit Frequency:
Theoretical Hold:

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