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Care & Protect Range


Care & Protect Range

TCSJohnHuxley recently launched its Care & Protect range of products, designed to protect gaming staff and players in the fight against Covid-19.

As casino operations resume around the world, there is a wide range of mandatory measures required to ensure the safety and well-being of casino staff and players.

TCSJohnHuxley has developed a portfolio of key products ready to support casinos with all they will need for their table game operations.

The Care & Protect range of chip sanitization products has been designed with flexibility in mind. From the Mini Chip Sanitizer 24-chip unit that sits on a gaming table to multiple stacked mobile units that can sanitise up to 600 chips at one time, all TCSJohnHuxley Care & Protect products conform to the highest safety standards, incorporating innovative, patent-pending design.

TCSJohnHuxley Chip Sanitizers utilize UV-C light technology, enabling chips to be sanitized in minutes, neutralizing harmful germs that can cause infection. The Chip Sanitizers feature a unique patent-pending design that ensures every surface of the chip is completely cleaned before being put back into play. It also incorporates a safety mechanism, so the machine will not operate unless the unit is completely shut, guaranteeing no harmful UV light can escape.

Where larger quantities of chip sanitization is required, the Mobile Trolley is ideal. Incorporating its own power unit to ensure a continuous power supply for up to eight hours and with no need to connect to power, the Mobile Chip Sanitizer Trolley can be moved around the gaming floor where and when chip sanitization is required, giving total flexibility.

For further protection for players, TCSJohnHuxley’s Play Safe Shields incorporate a range of fixed and freestanding options to provide highly flexible physical social distancing “pods” that can fit any table game, slot machine or ETG. Operators can decide how many player positions are required per table, and the modular design also incorporates an optional dealer screen, providing further protection, if required.

As an additional option and for extra safety, Play Safe Shields can incorporate LED strip lighting along the edges ensuring greater visibility. For further customization, the casino’s logo or brand can be etched into the edge of the screens.

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