Carcamo, RMS to Stage ‘Marketing Bootcamp’

Julia Carcamo, president of J Carcamo & Associates, a New Orleans-based marketing agency, has partnered with Nicole Barker, president of Relationship Marketing Solutions, to create a unique casino marketing workshop that will be held March 10-12, 2019 in Winter Park, Colorado.

The Casino Marketing Bootcamp is designed to inspire casino marketers, helping them to turn big ideas into strategic plans that will enhance their customers’ experience and drive revenue. Attendees will learn from new speakers they haven’t previously had access to, connect with colleagues who face similar challenges, and return home with tactics they can immediately implement.

“As a former casino marketing executive, I know all too well that teams come up with a lot of great ideas, but day-to-day operations often get in the way, making them too busy to follow through on developing them into concrete plans. Often, it’s just easiest to keep returning to tried and true promotions or events,” said Carcamo. “We want marketers at the Bootcamp to take a couple of days to really think through their ideas strategically, collaborate with others, and go back to their home properties excited to put these new plans into place.”

“Conferences are abuzz with new ideas. Our smaller format is like none other in the casino industry,” said Barker. “It is meant to capture the energy and ideas created at the larger conferences and turn them into tactics and actionable plans. With less than 30 chosen participants, we will build a cohort to last beyond the meeting.”

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