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Building Excitement

Troy Pettie, Sales Engineering Manager, Acres Manufacturing

Building Excitement

Las Vegas has earned a reputation as an adult playground. So, it should come as no surprise that Las Vegas native Troy Pettie likes to build playthings for adults. Pettie serves as sales engineering manager for Acres Manufacturing, which he joined in 2020.

His fascination with building things led to his enrollment at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he earned bachelor of science and a master of science degrees in computer science.

“During my time at UNLV, I was immersed in technology through the engineering and science departments. However, I wasn’t entirely certain of the exact career path I wanted to pursue. What I did know was my desire to build things that could bring excitement and fun to others,” Pettie says.

To seek a way to narrow his options, Pettie took a gaming innovation class put together by UNLV’s International Gaming Institute. Mark Yoseloff led the class, and it left an impression. Hearing stories about the industry, combined with the enjoyment of developing games, brought Pettie into the gaming field.

He cites Yoseloff and Daniel Sahl as his mentors. He met both early on in his five months at the International Gaming Institute.

“They offered me great advice and helped me navigate through starting Guru Games,” says Pettie, who co-founded the company in 2016.

Guru Games develops innovative slot games that not only attract new demographics to gambling but are also protectable through patents. At Guru, Pettie began a quest to create skill-based games.

“They have yet to go live but will eventually be available online,” he says.

Players are challenged to make simple strategic decisions that influence their outcomes, giving them a more engaging experience, Pettie says. “I know these games won’t appeal to everyone, but I do think there will be a market in the near future.”

He sold the patents, models and designs from Guru in 2020, the same year he joined Acres. At Acres, Pettie bridges the gap between technical expertise and customer needs.

“I work closely with both our engineering team and clients to create products that help them engage with their patrons,” says Pettie, who relaxes on the golf course or driving range.

Over the next 10 years, Pettie sees himself continuing to innovate and make meaningful contributions in the gaming industry—“whether it’s through developing new technologies, mentoring the next generation of talent, or creating new games,” he says.

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