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Bonus Spin Xtreme


Bonus Spin Xtreme

AGS is launching Bonus Spin Xtreme, an innovative table progressive side bet system designed to drive excitement, engagement and revenue on any table game on the casino floor.

The system’s innovative design, which features three concentric wheels, allows Bonus Spin Xtreme to award all participating players with a community prize, as well as award one player position with an enhanced prize, which may be a progressive jackpot.

In addition, through AGS’ proprietary math, Bonus Spin Xtreme is the only progressive side bet on the market to provide one unique progressive jackpot winner for different games with different probabilities of winning, including community-style table games like roulette, baccarat and craps (in which every player is using the same cards/wheel with one outcome).

Bonus Spin Xtreme also links all table games on the casino floor for a shared jackpot award, which means casino operators only must seed one jackpot, and jackpots will increment faster for larger jackpot awards. A must-hit progressive option further engages players and gives them the opportunity to win a more frequently hitting jackpot. The must-hit amount is displayed on the table signage, attracting players to the game and encouraging them to play, especially as they see the jackpot incrementing closer to the must-hit-by award.

The unprecedented fusion of three wheels interacting with each other in Bonus Spin Xtreme delivers anticipation and excitement never available on table games—and especially not on community-style table games like roulette, baccarat and craps. The wheel also creates a social and community spirit, as all the participating players at the table games cheer for each other to win, while everyone watches the Bonus Spin Xtreme wheels spin and shares the excitement and anticipation of the participating players.

Because casinos can use Bonus Spin Xtreme to link every table game on the casino floor, casinos only have to seed each progressive meter one time, and the progressive meters will grow much more quickly—adding tremendous attraction to players seeking to win a larger prize and providing operating efficiencies for the casino operator.

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