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Aruze Gaming

Diverse, Industry-Leading Innovations

Aruze Gaming

Aruze Gaming offers video slots, ETGs and enhanced table games, mechanical stepper slots and associated products. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the global casino gaming industry, Aruze focuses on creating the best gaming experience for players by delivering premium quality products and outstanding service to its casino customers.

Aruze’s Muso line of cabinets includes the Muso Triple-27, Muso Triple-27 Hybrid, Muso Curve-43, Muso Curve-43 Hybrid and the Muso Limited. The unrivaled design of the Muso cabinets creates a stunning light display with 360-degree LED backlighting. LED lighting continues behind the monitors, in edge lighting along the monitors themselves, and even in the player’s wrist rest, engulfing the player in the game atmosphere.

Aruze is committed to providing revolutionary products for every part of the casino experience. The latest game-changing product lives at the intersection of traditional table games and ETGs. Roll to Win Craps reimagines the table as a modern, interactive object—a hybrid dealer-assisted ETG that combines the exciting atmosphere of live table play with the operational efficiencies and security of modern technologies. Though Roll To Win Craps is an exciting new version for players to enjoy the traditional game of craps, the true benefits are for casino operators. By removing all physical chips, only one employee is required to run the table game. Roll to Win Craps is a “must-play” experience.

Diverse and industry-leading innovations are why Aruze Gaming continues expanding its footprint worldwide.

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