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2600 Cabinet Series

Synergy Blue

2600 Cabinet Series

Inspired by Atari, but built with today’s players in mind, Synergy Blue’s new 2600 cabinet series combines the immersive experience of an arcade with the excitement of wagering to create the perfect blend of “fun you can bet on.” Nostalgic design, crisp graphics and unique accent lighting draw a younger demographic of players, while innovative skill-influenced games keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Built on the patented HAWG platform, the 2600 cabinet line is compatible with Synergy Blue’s expansive game library, including over 20 titles. With familiar, skill-influenced mobile styles like Candy Ca$h and Safari Match, as well as multi-player options and innovative Class II titles like Blizzard Bla$t, the cabinet accommodates something for every gamer and gambler, in each jurisdiction.

The 2600 line also includes Blue Safe Touch technology to ensure confidence in personal health and safety. Patent-pending antimicrobial/germ inhibiting particles are embedded in paint and plastic surfaces, as well as antiviral/antibacterial touch surfaces and UVC air filtration—which meet rigorous standards from the U.S. EPA, EU BPR, ISO, and JIS.

Designed to fit both player and operator needs, the 2600 series is built on maximum flexibility. Seamless conversion of the 2600XL cabinet allows operators to change from traditional styles to an arcade driver (complete with realistic steering wheel and foot pedal), providing multiple cabinet configurations in one sleek cabinet.

Games, hardware and math variants can easily be tailored to fit each property’s unique guests. With options for arcade driving hardware, joystick, buttons and more, Synergy Blue’s 2600 cabinet series is UL/CE/FCC certified, compatible with industry standard peripheral devices, designed for serviceability, and available in 40-inch wide-set, 28-inch standard, or bar top options. A limited quantity of for-sale units will be available in Q4 2020.

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