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Features - may 2017

  • The Next Steps

    Now that Japan has finally legalized casino gaming, what will be the process and who will be permitted to…
  • Table TITO

    Can tickets be used in the pit? And how will it work?
  • Down to Earth

    25 years later, ‘Mississippi Miracle’ confronting competitive realities
  • Going Legit

    The double-edged sword of online gaming regulations
  • Virtual Horizon

    As its technology advances rapidly, the casino industry considers how to monetize virtual reality
  • This Year’s Model

    Will Japan’s gaming industry go all-in like Macau, or follow the more limited Singapore example?

The Agenda

  • Roger Gros, Publisher

    Follow Your Dream

    The experience at the Golden Nugget was invaluable—including the opportunity to meet Wynn. It was a Ph.D. in gaming.



  • Geoff Freeman

    Odds-On Favorite

    Lift the harmful, failing federal ban on sports betting

Fantini's Finance

  • Frank Fantini

    Macau Momentum

    From Google searches to increased revenues, the outlook for companies operating in the Asian gaming capital is looking up.

Frankly Speaking

  • Frank Legato

    The Bunny Problem

    You may not have heard, but Las Vegas has a bunny problem.

Table Games

Global Gaming Women

Slot Technology


  • The Holistic View

    Communication drives a culture change in casinos


5 Questions More

  • Brian Musburger

    Founder and Chairman, VSiN (Vegas Stats & Information Network)

Casino Communications More

  • Andrew Cardno

    Founder and Chief Technology Officer, VizExplorer


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