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FLOOR of the Future part I

How server-based, downloadable and server-supported gaming will become a critical part of tomorrow's gaming industry, Part I

Skill Shot

How casual or skill games skirt the law banning internet gambling


Our annual roundup of the best and the brightest in the newest slot machines and systems.
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American Gaming Association

Internet Action

Despite politics in full swing, movement on online gambling legislation is possible

Frankly Speaking


TV Jitters

Frankly Speaking by Frank Legato

Slot Technology


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Modular Solution

The concept permits operators to create a combined electronic table game area with different games, rather than dedicating each area to a single game.

Modular Control

Octavian's package provides an open, modular system developed to meet the needs of casino operators in highly regulated gaming markets.

Future on Deck

The PPI is a programmable slot machine button deck ideal for server-based slots and interactive fixed-odds betting terminals.

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