Aruze Stands Out with Entertainment-Driven Hardware, Exciting Slots

Visit Aruze at G2E Booth #2659 to see the company’s groundbreaking cabinets, non-traditional video slots and other products designed to boost the fun on your floor.

Gaming demonstrates its unique strength for delivering the most innovative products to the global casino gaming industry. Year after year, Aruze challenges industry norms and creates ground-breaking technologies. At the 2019 Global Gaming Expo Booth #2659 will highlight Aruze’s passion for fun and entertaining products.

On display for the first time at G2E will be the new Muso Curve-43 Hybrid cabinet. Building on the great features of Muso Curve-43, the new cabinet includes an integrated base that adds a comfortable footrest and an exciting lighting experience. Maintaining the unparalleled design of the award-winning Muso Triple-27, the LED web lighting now extends the full length of the cabinet with the introduction of the Muso Triple-27 Hybrid.

Aruze continues to distinguish itself with not only unique hardware, but non-traditional video slot games. The Dream Cash series is an exciting game that does not contain any spinning reels. Dream Cash Fabulous Vegas and Dream Cash Dancing All Night is based on a pick feature, where the player can select between three volatility models or can press the “spin” button to make a random selection. Aruze will be debuting a new game series with similar features at G2E 2019.

In line with the company’s goal of standing out, its Muso Curve-43 Hybrid Reflection package adds an elegant and exclusive design to the casino floor. This pod design is a combination of the Muso Curve-43 Hybrid and reflection pod fillers. This product offering creates an upscale premium package while keeping a simplistic appearance. This minimalistic design makes the Muso Curve-43 Hybrid cabinet the main feature. The Muso Curve-43 Hybrid Reflection package is available in 3 or 4 pod configurations.

This year at G2E, Lucky Roulette breaks from its standard eight-station configuration with an unusual layout of Lucky Roulette that allows for remote viewing and showcases the product’s full capabilities. The 12-station installation shows the potential of the 50-station capability of this product.

At G2E 2019, Aruze displays its continued commitment to providing the best products and configurations to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s casino floor.

For more information, visit the Aruze team at G2E Booth #2659 or go to

ACS PlayOn Presents Newest Cashless App at G2E

Cashless gaming is no longer the “next big thing”— it’s here! ACS PlayOn, the only approved application in use on table games in major casinos and across multiple jurisdictions., will showcase its innovative cashless app at G2E Booth #2020.

Today, cashless gaming is not the wave of the future: it’s in practice, in the present. ACS PlayOn, the only approved application in use on table games in major casinos and across multiple jurisdictions., will showcase its cashless app at G2E Booth #2020.

Just as in other retail businesses, getting chips at the gaming tables will be as easy as swiping/chipping a PIN debit card. ACS will showcase its innovative PlayOn cashless system at G2E this month. This is the first major gaming show since the company received full approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board this summer.

The system has been in use in major California casinos for more than 36 months, successfully providing millions of dollars to players at the tables. It was a big hit in Nevada field trials, held at Red Rock Casino Resort in Las Vegas. With Atlantic City and GLI approvals, the system is now available in most jurisdictions.

Importantly, ACS PlayOn’s application solves most operator concerns. Cashless transactions were overdue in the gaming world, largely due to worries about problem gambling. By using PIN debit instead of a credit card transaction, players cannot spend more than their bank allows. Unlike markers or hold checks, players cannot run up large debts, face huge credit card balances or incur high interest charges inherent with other proposed solutions.

To improve customer service and increase hold, ACS PlayOn uses a small handheld device (positioned at the table) that’s slightly larger than a smart phone. Players are handed the mobile unit, and use it just as they would similar devices at grocery store registers everywhere. Players request the amount they wish to receive, enter their PIN and, upon bank approval, are issued a receipt.

Simultaneously, the dealer gets a ticket dispensed from a printer under the table and treats it just like cash. Virtually, all standard table game, drop and accounting procedures are followed. Unlike markers, there is no interruption in play for others as the transactions are processed. The ACS PlayOn proprietary system and handheld devices are PCI DSS compliant, making each transaction much more secure than using Android or IOS smart phones. PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards that all the major card brands and banks require.

There are several advantages for operators as play is not interrupted, procedures require little new training, a “real-time” financial accounting/reconciliation system is provided, and surveillance receives an “image” of every transaction and ticket issued.

Best of all, there are no concerns about Title 31 CTR paperwork at the tables. When only dealing with debit cards and chips, no cash is involved and therefore no money laundering issues. Later when a player cashes out at a cage, all standard Title 31 procedures apply.

One surprising benefit is that hold percentages often go up. According to ACS PlayOn Chief Operating Officer Steve Warner, “In addition to a major increase in guest convenience, when players can play without interruption, all the metrics improve, including hold, hands per hour and theoretical win – players remain engaged at the game.”

Warner and his ACS PlayOn team, based in Reno, NV are largely veteran casino operators. Therefore, they set out to design a system that didn’t burden dealers with new procedures, fit in with existing back of the house internal control requirements and improved the flow of the game. Warner said, “There is nothing more frustrating for players and dealers when a game is held-up by waiting for a player getting a marker or forcing a player to leave a game to get additional cash at a cage or kiosk.”

ACS PlayOn will be demoing the system in Booth #2020 on the Sands Expo floor at G2E. There is no upfront cost for operators as the system is financed through a portion of the standard POS fees. While it is configurable to any level by the operator, most PIN debit fees are lower than ATM or Credit Card Advance transactions and many operators have chosen to pass those savings along to their customers. That’s just one more reason why player’s trust and love this system.

For more information, visit ACS PlayOn at G2E Booth #2020, or go to

Gaming Arts’ ‘Play NOW!’ Theme Signals Game-Changing Product Line

Gaming Arts LLC will debut its diversified end-to-end product portfolio of Class III video reels, bingo, keno, and promotional systems at the G2E. Visit the Gaming Arts team in Booth #4449.

Gaming Arts’ theme for G2E is “Play NOW!,” signaling that the company is ready and equipped to partner with new and existing customers to introduce unique themes to players across the country; the arrival of new product families and themes; and the debut of its new GA Wheels form factor.

Gaming Arts President Mike Dreitzer said, “This year, Gaming Arts reached several key milestones including the sale of its first Pop’N Pays series slot, secured over 100 gaming licenses worldwide, and strong game performance results of its new game titles. Having accomplished this is a testament to the commitment and passion we have for the industry. We are thrilled to unveil our exciting lineup of products, including approximately 60 EGMs, at G2E 2019. Gaming Arts is truly ready to invite slot players to Play NOW!”

Innovative Video Reel Slots Including World’s First Ever Patent-Pending Persistent Wheel Games
Gaming Arts will display its inaugural collection of Class III slot families including the Pop’N Pays, Da Fa Ba, Dice Seeker and Casino Wizard games. A vast majority of titles within these families are on track to be ready for placement by G2E. Gaming Arts will also debut eight new slot families including Wu, Inferno Wheel, Hamster Libre, Fortune Finders, Shi Fu Jinbi, Kai Yun Jin Bi, Replacing Royals and Golden Pays, and will introduce more than 15 new slot themes.

Inferno Wheel, Hamster Libre and Kai Yun Jin Bi will debut on the company’s exclusive Phocus Wheel topper, the world’s first patent-pending persistent wheel featuring a virtual LCD wheel design that emulates a physical wheel with stunning LED light rings.

In addition, the Rocket Rollup mystery progressive will be featured on several slot banks on the Company’s show floor. Rocket Rollup™ is a linkable two-level or three-level mystery progressive with an extremely high-hit frequency. Offered for low and high denomination configurations, this mystery progressive can be coupled with any Gaming Arts slot or bingo style game.

SuperBingo, Ultimate Bingo Slots, and Super 10 Way Bingo
SuperBingo, UltimateBingo, and Super 10 Way Bingo slots suites will showcase their extraordinary game-play experience that deliver entertaining game mechanics and player-favorite features, including: frequent bonuses and wins, multipliers, free games with retriggers, floor-wide, near-area, and wide-area progressives, and much more, all designed to appeal to a new breed of players.

SuperGames and Bingo Millions Offer Life-changing Jackpots
The SuperGames library, including Bingo Millions, will also be on display. These unique “life-changing” jackpot games offer an endless number of customizable bingo games tailored to the operator’s bingo room and player demographics. Bingo Millions, known as the world’s first and only $1 million linked bingo progressive and $1 million bingo game, allows operators to focus on the player experience as all awards are fully funded by Gaming Arts. The Company has awarded more than $15 million in Bingo jackpots in the last five years.

Interactive SuperPROMO Mobile Games Add Floor-wide Excitement
Gaming Arts will also demonstrate its SuperPROMO mobile promotional game system. This unique platform creates floor-wide excitement for virtually any type of casino promotion through a mobile tablet hand delivered to players by casino personnel and through the casino’s digital displays.

No Staffing Required: EZ KENO Kiosk, Optima Management
The GLI-approved EZ KENO will demonstrate its new form factor, which includes a 43-inch LED digital display, its ability to accept TITO tickets and a cutting-edge body wrap designed to attract players. EZ KENO significantly reduces expenses associated with keno and/or bingo programs and allows for extended operational hours with no staffing required.

Finally, Gaming Arts will highlight its full suite of products designed for bingo and keno operations, including the Optima Keno Game Management System, the Optima System, Keno Millions and Super Win Bingo.

Gaming Arts CEO and Founder, David Colvin commented, “After years of dedication and hard work by the Gaming Arts family, we are proud that we will have the largest presence ever at G2E. Our amazing slots feature exhilarating game mechanics, beautiful art and compelling sound effects, all housed within our exclusive state-of-the-art upright and hybrid Phocus cabinets. In addition, our patent pending Phocus virtual wheel games, are sure to turn many heads in the gaming industry. We are also delighted to showcase our world-leading lineup of core bingo and keno products at this year’s show.”

“Play NOW!” with Gaming Arts at G2E Booth #4449, visit, or call 702.818.8943.

Gable to Unveil New Digital Signage Solutions at G2E Booth #3809

Gable’s latest technologies offer flexibility, affordability and practical game floor solutions. Check out the company’s new, ultra-fine pitch LED screen, identification signage, and interactive way of finding kiosks at G2E Booth #3809.

Gable is bringing it latest mobile Digital A-Frame Display and ultra-fine pitch LED digital display to G2E 2019. The A-Frame’s high-brightness display replaces traditional static “sandwich board” easel, grabbing consumers’ attention outside to bring them inside. The mobile signage is easy to relocate and deploy content with no installation required. Digital A-Frames deliver the ability to promote products and services, brand awareness, and loyalty programs while advertising dynamic pricing and daypart promotions.

Casinos are using Gable’s Digital A-Frame to share their stories with more talk and less chalk. Gable’s gaming clients have been leveraging the technology built into the Digital A-Frames to enhance static ads with video storytelling to bring foot traffic into promoted spaces within casinos, resorts, spas, and entertainment and dining venues.

The 1.667mm indoor, LED digital screen that will be on display is high-resolution, super bright, and one of the best available digital displays currently on the market. The high-resolution brings video content to life allowing casino operators the ability to showcase exciting casino entertainment to its guests. Modules are front serviceable, and components are easily accessible from behind via a retractable mounting system.

Matt Gable, EVP and COO of Gable, says, “The response from the gaming community to our latest technology, the mobile, Digital A-Frame Displays, has been enormous. Their flexibility and affordability solve a challenge that management has incurred throughout their properties. These units are easy to move, and content can be quickly changed out to suit promotional needs. We are excited to showcase these solutions along with our new, ultra-fine pitch LED screen, identification signage, and interactive wayfinding kiosks at G2E in Gable’s Booth #3809.”

Gable is an award-winning provider of design, digital signage and media integration, custom signage and graphic solutions, brand implementation, and managed services and network operations, Gable helps its clients attract, connect and engage people through effective visual communications. Based in Baltimore, Gable is expanding the possibilities of how businesses communicate in the built world through its comprehensive capabilities, culture of creativity, knowledge of technology, and forward-thinking visual solutions.

To learn more about Gable, visit G2E Booth #3809 or

Red Wagon Institute Opens Schedule for Fall/Winter Leadership Training

The new year is almost here, and now is the time to prepare managers at every level to become leaders. To help, Red Wagon Institute has opened its Fall/Winter schedule of leadership training courses.

“The promise of a new year is the perfect jumping off point for managers at all levels to unleash their inner superheroes and step into their greatness as true leaders,” says Paul Speirs-Hernandez, master trainer for Red Wagon Institute, which recently opened its Fall/Winter schedule of leadership training courses. “The worst thing companies can do is just repeat what they did last year and expect different results. Now is the time to develop leaders throughout your business and lay the groundwork for an epic 2020.”

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, Red Wagon Institute’s adult leadership training courses are designed to bring out the superhero leader in all team members. The training is recommended for commercial and tribal casinos, tribal governments, casino management companies, regulatory bodies, and more.

Red Wagon Institute’s core curriculum consists of three classes: “From Managing to Leading,” “Curing Cantcer,” and “Moonshot.” Each is highly experiential and interactive, designed for the way adults learn in today’s business environment.

“From Managing to Leading” is taught over two half-day sessions. Attendees learn the EPIC team model, the fundamentals of outstanding leadership, Red Wagon Institute’s powerful 3/6/1/5 method of short- and long-term goal-setting, and leave barriers behind in a powerful graduation ceremony.

In “Curing Cantcer,” attendees build on their leadership skills and learn to defeat the disease of “can’t.” Students learn to retrain their brains to focus on possibilities to bring the very best to themselves, their teams, and their business. This course is taught over two full days.

Red Wagon Institute’s pinnacle course, “Moonshot,” dares attendees to dream bigger than they thought possible and to accomplish their own moonshots. In two full-day sessions, attendees focus on thinking bigger, on teamwork, and setting big goals to accomplish big things.

“Our schedule is filling up fast, and we encourage businesses to contact us today to secure a spot. This is the perfect time to give your staff the skills they need to truly excel in 2020 and beyond,” Speirs-Hernandez said.

Information on Red Wagon Institute and its adult leadership courses is available at

AGS Elevates Its Obsession with the Game at G2E

AGS will showcase its largest array of new slot, table, and interactive products at the annual trade extravaganza, including three new hardware innovations. Booth #1253 is the place to be for the portfolio of new products including new versions of AGS cabinets, including Orion.

AGS will showcase its obsession with the player experience with the largest and most innovative portfolio of new products for the casino floor and online gaming at G2E Booth #1253.

At nearly 7,000 square feet, the booth will accommodate 70 games and more than 30 new games titles, plus 15 table games and products along with AGS’ robust lineup of online real-money and social games and platforms.

AGS President and Chief Executive Officer David Lopez said, “Every year our G2E portfolio is bigger and broader, but this year our R&D team has truly outdone themselves with three new hardware innovations for slots and some amazing new table products, including our second shuffler. Based on the sophistication of our new hardware and all the new game content to support our platforms, customers who visit our booth will see first-hand how our obsession with the game is driving an incredible player experience.”

New Slot Cabinets, Innovative LED Slot Merchandising Take the Stage

Taking center stage at G2E, AGS will debut the Starwall, a stunning new LED video display for its premium Orions Portrait games, designed to add floorwide attraction and deliver a more immersive game-play experience. Composed of brilliant LED lights that create a seamless video wall, the Starwall envelops the player in the game and attracts players passing by with cinematic, game-themed motion graphics that intensify the player experience.

AGS will also debut two highly anticipated new slot cabinets that add depth to its Orion family: the Orion Rise tower platform and the Orion 49C featuring a curved portrait display.

The Orion Rise delivers eight feet of gaming excitement in a dual-screen portrait platform, highlighted by a dramatic 55-inch 4K LCD monitor, premium button deck, custom audio, and game-synchronized LED spacer displays—all of which provide an immersive, cinematic game-play experience. At G2E, the Orion Rise will be featured with exclusive game content Wheel Surge and Dragon’s Jackpot.

The premium Orion 49C, AGS’ first curved platform, features a 49-inch 4K curved, portrait LCD display, digital topper, and premium LCD button deck integrated with low-profile dual PLAY buttons surrounded by lights. At G2E, the Orion 49C will be showcased with exclusive new titles Sacred Dragon and Royal Phoenix.

Both cabinets feature AGS’ signature U-shaped lighting design with more than 400 game-synchronized LED lights that celebrate wins and change colors throughout the game-play experience to add excitement and attraction.

Along with the new cabinet innovations, AGS’ G2E display will feature more than 30 unique game titles for Class II and Class III markets, including a host of new content for the company’s Orion Portrait and dual-screen Orion Upright and Orion Slant platforms. For its core Orion Portrait cabinet, AGS is showcasing nine new titles, including its Ultimate Choice Jackpots family. And for the company’s dual-screen Orion Upright and Orion Slant platforms, AGS will highlight 12 new themes, including its new Lucky Stacks™ library and Money Charge Jackpots lineup.

For video bingo markets across the globe, including Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines, AGS showcases its Alora e-bingo cabinet, which features an illuminated foot pedal with play action for a truly immersive, hands-free experience. AGS offers the Alora with a growing library of 12 games, including the player-favorite Lotto Diamond, available in multiple languages including Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

AGS Demonstrates Innovation in Table Progressives, Side Bets

AGS propels its table business with new proprietary table games and side bets, as well as an array of innovative table solutions. Taking the spotlight will be AGS’ new Bonus Spin Xtreme, a pioneering progressive side bet system that can link all table-game progressives in the casino and innovatively uses three concentric wheels to reward all participating players with a prize – something never before available for community-style games like roulette, baccarat, and craps. AGS will also demonstrate its STAX Progressive 2.0, with new O-WAP functionality and seasonal themed backgrounds, and its new PAX S single-deck packet shuffler for specialty games.

Also on display in AGS’ table products area – the recently launched Dex S poker shuffler, several new premium table game offerings, including an Asian-themed title and two new baccarat side bets, and the new ACOT chip tray and blackjack no-peek device.

Leveraging Proven Retail Content for Online Real-Money, Social Play

From its AGSi division, AGS will demonstrate its AxSys Games Marketplace and more than 600 real-money gaming titles featuring AGS’ top-performing land-based games and a game portfolio from third-party developers. The company will also highlight its ConnexSys Social White-Label Casino, a turnkey, free-to-play mobile casino app that integrates the casino brand with AGS’ proven land-based titles to keep players engaged at home, work, and on-the-go.

For more information, stop by G2E Booth #1253 or go to

Apex Gaming Brings New Clover Link Innovations to G2E

Apex Gaming will introduce plenty of new innovative products at G2E 2019 Booth #3359, including Clover Link jackpot islands, iDROPs, the Apex Player Station and much more.

Visitors to G2E 2019 can look forward to more innovations from Apex Gaming.

As the popularity of Clover Link continues to rise, the APEX team will be showing brand new games to make Clover Link even more popular. Naturally Clover Link remains available in an amazing different range of islands, including the Big Island with eight Apex slots, the Round Island with four Apex slots and the Wall Edition, which can be expanded on demand with a minimum of four Apex slots.

These new games will give Clover Link even more impetus and make the decision for Clover Link even stronger. The Apex team will exhibit at Booth #3359. The company’s slot machine choice is extensive, meaning the number of different versions available is outstanding.

Apex Gaming has a credo: to take gaming to the next level. This philosophy has been confirmed with the award-winning iDROP products—the cash handling solution for live games tables—enabling tickets and bills to be accepted directly at the table. Players no longer need to go to the cash desk to purchase chips; indeed, the iDROP products can make cash desks redundant. The iDROP products can be simply integrated into the operating system and gives management immediate drop information. Every ticket and bill is accounted for—nothing can go missing.

The iDROPs solution works at an amazing speed. Bills/tickets can be entered in bulk and six are validated every second. Extra class components ensure that only valid bills/tickets are accepted. The stacker capacity reaches up to 10,000 bills/tickets.

The automated roulette solution—the Apex Player Station—is not only available as terminal-based or as complete solution, it also offers four additional table games (Baccarat, Sic-Bo, Black Jack, Bingo) as well as the latest Apex EVO Platform. Another great advantage: it can be linked to up to four separate roulette wheels, both electronic and/or live. The design reflects the Apex forward-thinking focus on style and pure gaming passion.

The Apex gaming team has extensive experience in live gaming and offers a host of solutions, ranging from complete tables to individual solutions, all on display at G2E. Individual Apex slot machines boasting the EVO platform will also adorn the Apex stand.

The focus is not just on the products, but on the team and the support. Apogee Gaming is the distributor for Apex Gaming in North America. Under the leadership of JL Drapeau, Apex provides professional service, being completely dedicated to its customers.

“We are proud to see an increasing number of operators in America looking for a serious alternative that brings something innovative and new,” says Kubilay Özer, Global sales director at Apex Gaming. “The growth potential is very strong and we are dedicated in enabling our solutions to be enjoyed by players throughout America. Our team will be at the G2E Las Vegas show in force to ensure that visitors receive all the information they are looking for when they visit our stand.”

For more information, visit the APEX team alongside local partner Apogee Gaming at G2E Booth #3359, or go to

Aristocrat Offers Innovations Galore at G2E

Aristocrat will reveal its exciting new Star Trek: The Next Generation slot game at G2E 2019, along with a host of innovative cabinets, Class III games, Class II games, and system solutions for operators of all sizes and players of all sizes. Visit Aristocrat at G2E Booth #1133.

Aristocrat’s landmark EDGE X cabinet has players on the edge of their seats with excitement, and now the company has licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation from CBS Consumer Products for a new game that will further expand the cabinet’s enviable library of leading content. See it all up close and in person at G2E Booth #1133.

Aristocrat’s all-new EDGE X cabinet features two stacked, horizontal, curved 43-inch LCD screens displaying panoramic views, with stereo symphonic surround sound and a virtual button deck, all in a cabinet that occupies a larger-than-life footprint.

Attendees at G2E in Las Vegas can experience the game in Aristocrat Booth #1133. Aristocrat will also showcase the Showtime/CBS Consumer Products licensed slot game Billions, which appears on Aristocrat’s innovative flame55 cabinet.

“We’re big fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and our design and development teams have taken that inspiration and combined it with their passion for play,” says Jon Hanlin, vice president, commercial strategy, gaming operations. “The result is an innovative game featuring sights and sounds from the series that takes full advantage of the EDGE X cabinet’s cinematic design, and will entertain long-time fans and newer fans alike.”

Setting the standard in gaming is Aristocrat’s new MarsX cabinet. Sleek, modern, and inventive, the MarsX cabinet sparks a revolution in game floor layout. Leading the MarsX revolution is the all-new Buffalo Gold Revolution™. Created by Aristocrat’s Oz Studios, Buffalo Gold Revolution integrates progressive jackpots into the Buffalo Gold brand for the first time and adds an energetic wheel bonus.

Other for-sale themes on MarsX include Fu Dai Lian Lian, which is an evolution of the player-favorite Gold Stacks 88 as well as new themes in the Mighty Cash family featuring Mighty Cash Ultra.

Dollar Storm is an exciting lease option for MarsX. Dollar Storm is the highly anticipated evolution of the industry’s best two products, Lightning Link and Dragon Link, with an added MSP.

Aristocrat’s booth will be alive with entertaining pop culture themes that blend support and depth for cabinets across Aristocrat’s portfolio. Appearing in the EDGE X cabinet and ready for lease at the show are Mad Max: Fury Road and Game of Thrones—Winter is Here, each of which take full advantage of the cabinet’s cinematic design offering thrilling game play.

Attendees will also want to experience Grand Fu Wheel Series, a new game family.

Gold Stacks 88™ has been ranked at the top of independent researcher’s lists of top-performing games. New in the top performing Gold Stacks 88™ line new games created specifically for the larger-than-life play of the Helix Tower™ cabinet and a new game the RELM™ cabinet. All Gold Stacks games can be linked together for added excitement across the casino and increased fun for many different types of players.

Also appearing on the Helix Tower is Dragon Tower, a new 5-level progressive from Gimmie Games Studios.

Aristocrat will unveil a series of milestone “firsts” for VGT Class II Innovations. Debuting on the Arc™ Double cabinet are The Walking Dead II with an MSP link and Buffalo Grand with an SSP Link. Debuting on the Helix XT cabinet is Hunt for Neptune’s Gold, the first Ovation title using VGT’s famous Red Spin™ Free Spins.

Wonder 4 comes to Class II with two titles for Wonder 4 jackpots on the Helix+ cabinet and with and Wonder 4 Gold on the MarsX and the Helix XT cabinets. 5 Dragons joins the Xtreme Link family of games and can be linked across Arc and Helix XT cabinets along with Buffalo Xtreme and Timber Wolf Xtreme.

Class II exclusives include five new families of games: Grand Fu Wheel, Ring Ding Ding Cash, Cash Surge, Cash Current and Mountain Temple. Gold Stacks 88 Link/Gold Pillars 88 Link expands with titles Prosperity Pig, Prosperity Tiger, Blossoming Fortune and Tree of Luck.

Fantastic Jackpots is a new family that operators can find on the Helix XT, Helix+, and MarsX cabinets. The series launches with four top performing titles.

In its systems division, Aristocrat will show two breakthrough solutions: Mobile nCompass and Branded Bonus. Mobile nCompass is a revolutionary and digital way to think about cardless play, where the player sees and interacts with key features within their mobile device. Branded Bonus is a new bonus program based on the player-favorite Buffalo™ game, is deployed on Oasis 360, and has two system-driven bonus models.

Aristocrat Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Ltd., a global games leader licensed in 300 gaming jurisdictions and operating in more than 90 countries. The company’s mission is to bring joy to life through the power of play. Its values are rooted in creativity and technology, and the company has a rich history of innovation that has shaped the gaming industry over many decades.

For further information, visit Aristocrat at G2E Booth #1133 or go to the company’s website at

Ainsworth Introduces Exciting QuickSpin Titles at G2E

The QuickSpin evolution will highlight Ainsworth Game Technology’s Booth at G2E 2019. The company is showcasing more than 10 new wheel games and displaying more than 125 gaming cabinets. Visit Booth #1259 for more.

The evolution of Ainsworth’s popular QuickSpin brand will highlight offerings from Ainsworth Game Technology at G2E.

QuickSpin’s high-performing titles such as Super Charged 7s, Super Lantern 8s, Super Crystal 7s and the recently released MultiPlay Super Charged 7s will take center stage alongside at least six new wheel games designed for maximum player engagement and strong casino operator return-on-investment

Additionally, Ainsworth will display more than 125 gaming cabinets to meet the needs for customer partners in Class III, Class II, Tribal Lottery System and Historical Horse Racing markets.

“G2E is the perfect time for Ainsworth to showcase the growth of our product lines, especially in the QuickSpin family,” said Ainsworth President North America Joe Bertolone. “We will truly show how through developing QuickSpin content we are evolving the wheel and evolving Ainsworth’s core product offerings.”

Visitors to Ainsworth Booth #1259 will see several new QuickSpin titles that offer innovative uses of the giant wheel on the sleek A640 portrait screen cabinet. Turbo Charged 7s offers four unique Linked Progressive jackpots with QuickSpin game play. The multi-denom configurable titles give penny players chance to chase top awards starting at $2,500, with even bigger jackpots for larger denoms up to a huge $25,000 jackpot for 10-cent players.

Super Lit Vegas adds to the QuickSpin family by offering a persistent state style of game that enables players to collect wheel spins over seven spin cycles. On the seventh spin wilds and wheel symbols are revealed for big wins.

Yet another offering—Super Charged 7s Classic—takes QuickSpin gameplay to the High Denomination market with a five-line or nine-line game. This new title maintains a high wheel spin frequency on 25-cent and $1 denominations.

Additionally, Ainsworth will show Super Sonic 7s, a version of Super Charged 7s built for the EVO and A600 dual screen cabinets, alongside several other versions for QuickSpin created to expand the power Ainsworth’s top performing brand.

High Denomination is in Ainsworth’s DNA
Ainsworth High Denomination content has been among the top earning games in North America for several years. The development of these math models continues strong with the upcoming release of several new titles built specifically for high denom players.

Ainsworth’s booth will show how Ainsworth’s top performing content is being leveraged across platforms, as titles like Mustang Money 2, Dollar Chief, Dollar Action and Grand Dragon can now be placed on single-screen cabinets, including the A640 and A560SL Noir.

Elsewhere in the booth’s high limit area, casino operators can check out two new Symbol Driven Linked Progressive games built specifically for high denom: Kanga Riches and Fortune Ox

Ainsworth Content Library Grows
It’s not just QuickSpin. Ainsworth’s content continues to flourish with dozens of new titles across single and dual screen cabinets. In fact, several of Ainsworth’s new offerings can be placed on both the A640 and EVO cabinets to ensure customers have access to a wide array of the company‘s best titles.

New brands like Ultimate Upgrade, a persistent state game with five play mechanics and Electric Cash, a Hold and Spin game with a Linked Progressive jackpot, can be placed on multiple styles of Ainsworth cabinets.

The A640, Ainsworth top selling box, offers a 40-inch high-definition LCD game screen, touchscreen LCD button deck and 27-inch LCD topper. In addition to the wealth of QuickSpin content, new titles debuting on the A640 include Reel Force, a series of time-on-device style games with a Cascading Reels feature, and Galaga, part of Ainsworth’s partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Central Determination Gaming Flourishing
The past two years has brought continued success to Ainsworth in Central Determination Gaming markets, including expanding in Class II jurisdictions across the U.S., growth in Washington State markets and the successful implementation of Historical Horse Racing games.

Both the A640 and EVO cabinets featured at G2E will showcase plenty of fresh new content, including market exclusive QuickSpin games. At the show, Ainsworth engineers and product managers will be available to discuss in depth the unique systems to run Central Determination Gaming.

For more information, visit Ainsworth at G2E Booth #1259 or go to

BetConstruct Adds ReelNRG Slots, Talks Sports Betting

BetConstruct, an award-winning provider of online and land-based gaming solutions, has integrated a wide range of ReelNRG slot games into its casino platform. The BetConstruct team will also talk sports betting at G2E 2019. Visit Booth #4818 to learn more.

At this year’s G2E, London-based BetConstruct team will talk slots and sports betting, showcasing its award-winning products in the gaming capital of the United States.

Among the products on view will be BetConstruct’s exceptional sportsbook software, available across all channels including desktop, retail and mobile. The company provides all American sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball and more. BetConstruct has also introduced market-specific betting types to ensure one-of-a-kind betting experience for players everywhere.

At G2E, BetConstruct will also showcase its Fantasy Sports product, now updated with new market-related features and localized with new design. fantasy sports software, also including the most popular American sports.

The company has prepared a special package of U.S. market-related products such as Sweepstakes and Predictor games to help operators enjoy more liquidity, teach their customers to play and serve as the sports professionals in their market. As the name suggests, Predictor games allow users to guess the outcomes of future events for free, with topics as varied as entertainment and sports.

BetConstruct will showcase its innovative digital voice-activated gaming assistant Hoory and all-in-one iGaming solution SpringBME at its stand, and its partnership with ReelNRG. The slot provider is dedicated to delivering highly engaging profitable games, using visual and audio effects that can significantly increase players’ engagement and consequently drive sales. The fully entertaining package is available both on mobile and desktop. ReelNRG remains committed to developing exciting new innovative gaming content. BetConstruct’s gaming library is rich with slots from the most popular game developers such as NetEnt, Greentube, Microgaming and more.

Within sports data solutions, the AI-powered scouting tool AJNA performs game flow recognition and provides statistics and extremely accurate technical data to create new unique markets to bet on. All partners can benefit from the BetConstruct Spring Platform with its powerful back office tools and all-inclusive services. From stand-alone set up to turn-key and white label solutions, BetConstruct offers its partners unparalleled opportunities to succeed.

For more information, visit BetConstruct at G2E Booth #4818 or go to

Betgenius Debuts NFL, NBA Same-Game Parlay Products Debut at G2E

Betgenius and Sportcast, the partnership behind the world’s leading same-game parlay product for soccer, will unveil first-of-their-kind versions for major U.S. sports at G2E Las Vegas. Visit Booth #4023 to see what’s new.

Betgenius and Sportcast, the partners who built the world’s leading same-game parlay product for soccer, will unveil first-of-their-kind versions for major U.S. sports at G2E Las Vegas.

The new NFL and NBA products allow fans to combine any number of markets on the same game, including dozens of player props. For example, a player can bet: Golden State Warriors to win, Lebron James to score 30+ points and Steph Curry to score 6+ three-pointers.

BetBuilder was launched for soccer leagues last year and has not only proven to be a driver of handle and hold for European sportsbooks but a powerful customer acquisition and retention tool.

Comprised of more than 400 market-types for each league, including match, team and player performance markets, BetBuilder gives customers total control and flexibility in their pre-game bets, within an easy-to-use interface.

MLB and NHL versions are currently in development and will be available in the New Year.

The launch also includes a Pre-built Bets feed, which allows sportsbooks to offer hundreds of enticing pre-packaged parlays, all driven by the latest trending and popular bets.

From pricing to settlement, BetBuilder is fully automated and customizable to an operator’s preferences, including market-by-market margin, naming of markets and branding.

Attendees at G2E will be able to interact with BetBuilder at Booth #4023 ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos game.

Andrew Patterson, vice president of U.S. Business Development at Betgenius, said, “It’s quickly become clear post-PASPA that U.S. bettors are highly sophisticated and receptive to deep and more advanced ways to bet. With prop markets and Daily Fantasy Sports hugely popular, our new products will strengthen engagement and add a new dimension to pre-match betting on the US leagues, just as it has for soccer in Europe and Africa.”

For more information, visit Betgenius at G2E Booth #4023 or go to

Recruit, Train & Grow Your Business with Conexus Group

The Conexus Group’s world-leading brands—Pentasia, iGaming Academy and Partis—offer recruitment, training, consulting and M&A advisory for the U.S. and global gaming sector. Visit Conexus at Booth #5825 at G2E 2019.

Exhibiting at G2E Las Vegas in Booth #5825, the Conexus Group includes Pentasia (recruitment), iGaming Academy (training) and Partis (consulting & advisory). Established in 2001, its specialist iGaming & Gambling services form a powerful proposition that help clients throughout their lifecycle.

Operating as a global network, with local service, Conexus operates from offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA, on both the East and West coast.

Pentasia | Recruitment & Executive Search
Pentasia has placed thousands of candidates from across the skill-spectrum in many of the world’s leading online gambling companies. It provides the expert advice and industry connections candidates need to explore, discover and secure work in the thriving iGaming sector. Go to

IGaming Academy | Training Courses, eLearning & LMS
Specialist gaming and betting industry training for individual learners, teams and companies worldwide. Its headline Online Sportsbook course explores the burgeoning multi-state US online sportsbook market and shares key success factors in running a sportsbook online in the USA. Go to

Partis | Consulting & M&A Advisory
Focused on the global iGaming market, Partis has extensive credentials in the US market.We specialise in growth through new market entry. Its unique industry expertise and global network provide our clients with access to new geographies, channels and products. Partis offers a complementary suite of services delivered by world class experts. Go to

Visit Conexus Group at G2E Booth #5825 or go to

Cuningham Group to Feature Dynamic Gaming Designs at G2E

Award-winning global design firm Cuningham Group will showcase its extensive portfolio of gaming, entertainment and leisure design projects at the 2019 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Visit Booth #3506 to see the latest.

Cuningham Group Architecture is bringing its extensive, award-winning portfolio of gaming, entertainment and leisure design projects to the 2019 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Visit Booth #3506 to learn about the firm’s newest design projects around the country.

As industry-leading architects, interior designers and planners, Cuningham emphasizes one-of-a-kind design solutions that reflect the vision of its clients and the character of each property, setting clients apart from the competition.

Cuningham’s latest projects include:

  • Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington, which is expected to open in December. The new Emerald Queen Casino provides both the flash of the Las Vegas strip while honoring Puyallup Tribal culture. The casino utilizes an innovative approach to respond to infrastructure constraints by placing the gaming floor four levels above ground floor, resulting in panoramic views of Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound. The casino’s lobby delivers a wow factor to guests immediately when they enter the building.
  • Angel of the Winds Casino Resort, Arlington, Washington, scheduled to open in October. The expansion and renovation of the Angel of the Winds Casino Resort elevates the original property to a destination resort with expanded gaming, added restaurants, bowling alley and concert center. Inspired by the natural forms of the Washington landscape, the main casino creates a dynamic guest experience with elegant ceiling elements and sweeping pathways.
  • Casino del Sol, Tucson, Arizona. With an expected opening date in November, Casino del Sol’s 151-room hotel expansion reflects qualities of the surrounding Sonoran Desert but is heightened with modern design elements. The six-story hotel is designed to match the existing property’s established design and complement the desert mountain backdrop. The hotel’s conference center is also getting a 9,600-square-foot expansion.
  • Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Cuningham Group designed an expansion to the hotel tower of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino that added 119 rooms and suites that brought the total room count to 500, making it the second largest hotel in Milwaukee. The 19-story hotel tower has become an iconic addition to the Milwaukee skyline. The hotel tower integrates traditional Milwaukee architecture and modern design with references to the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe. The expansion debuted in August.

For more than 50 years, Cuningham Group has been Uplifting the Human Experience through great design and a client-centered, collaborative approach. Cuningham Group transcends tradition with architecture, interior design, urban design, and landscape architecture services for a diverse mix of client and project types. Awarded the American Institute of Architects Minnesota Firm Award, the firm is consistently recognized as a design leader and has grown to nearly 400 employees in offices in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, San Diego, Phoenix, Beijing and Doha.

For more information, please visit the Cuningham team at G2E Booth #3506 or go to

FABICash Brings Comprehensive Casino Solutions to G2E

FABICash, an award-winning leader in reliable cash access, Title 31 AML compliance and online sports betting services, comes to G2E with a comprehensive suite of gaming solutions for its casino partners. Visit Booth #1632 to learn more.

FABICash, a global leader in reliable cash access, Title 31 AML compliance and online sports betting services, will bring its suite of solutions to G2E Booth #1632.

FABICash is the expert in credit and debit card cash advance, check cashing, mobile jackpot, ATM and kiosk. FABI Jackpot Mobile offers a full, swift jackpot payout solution for casinos. The web application can be used by cashiers to process jackpots in the cage, slot attendants using mobile tablets on the casino floor, and payouts conducted at jackpot kiosks.

On the kiosk front, FABICash is Glory’s No. 1 partner, and together they have made enhancements to the Glory kiosk functionality. The kiosks can perform both ATM and e-check transactions.

FABICash, the proprietary gaming platform, features customized cage application and reporting developed with input from cage and finance professionals. Your cage personnel will be thrilled to process cash advance and check cashing transactions on one set of devices. In addition, FABI’s electronic signature and driver’s license capture makes researching chargebacks as simple as a click of a button. FABI in-house software engineers have developed a fully PCI compliant product that works flawlessly with simplicity in mind.

FABITrack Title 31 and AML Compliance reporting application is tailored for the gaming industry. It ties into both FABICash and FABISport, tracking player activity in the casino and online. With its ease of use, cutting edge technology and Gold Standard support, FABITrack is the most sought after and recommended Title 31 compliance and AML data analytics program in the industry.

FABI is proud to be the No. 1 online gateway in the world for casino online sports betting solutions. FABISport features a Mastercard-branded prepaid card for players to fund both their casino play and online sports betting wallets. FABISport will be providing its high-performance, end-to-end funding management and reconciliation solution, which is able to improve security and player engagement, reduce costs, generate revenue and retain customers.

Visit FABICash at G2E Booth #1632 for a demonstration of its products and services, or go to

Galaxy Gaming to Debut Rebrand, New Products at G2E

Galaxy Gaming Inc. will officially launch its corporate-wide rebranding at G2E. The move reflects a new visual identity and strategic growth initiatives for the Las Vegas-based company. Visit Booth #4016 to learn more.

Galaxy Gaming Inc. will use this year’s Global Gaming Expo as a launchpad for its official corporate-wide rebranding. The move reflects a new visual identity and strategic growth initiatives for the company, as well as its ongoing commitment to operators, regulators, shareholders, and its team members.

In addition to the launch, at G2E Galaxy will reveal an unprecedented number of new products, content, and innovative features within its progressive portfolio.

Galaxy’s distinctively different approach to collaborating with operators throughout the world is reflective of its commitment to operational excellence, innovation, and obsession for customer service.

“Over the last two years, Galaxy has grown beyond being just a ‘side-bet’ company,” says Todd Cravens, Galaxy Gaming CEO. “More and more of our content is delivered digitally and customized for our clients. Our new look pays tribute to our core table games products and represents the future of how our players will consume our content.

“At G2E this year, our operators will experience exciting new content from Galaxy and innovative progressive technology not currently available in the marketplace. While we have refreshed our visual identity and our brand, one thing that will remain constant is our devotion to customer service,” he said.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Galaxy develops and distributes innovative proprietary table games, state-of-the-art electronic wagering platforms and enhanced bonusing systems to land-based, riverboat, cruise ships and online casinos worldwide. Galaxy’s games can be played online at Connect with Galaxy on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

For more information, visit Galaxy at G2E Booth #4016 or go to

GameCo Intros New Games, Leading-Edge Tech at G2E

At G2E Booth #2609, GameCo will unveil its new Multiplayer Arena featuring games that can be played head-to-head or eSports tournament-style. GameCo will also feature GamersEdge technology in a variety of new games like Terminator 2 and SoulCalibur II as well as new Katana and Impulse! cabinets.

GameCo LLC, creator of the world’s first Video Game Gambling Machine (VGM) and foremost trailblazer in shaping the new casino floor, will be showcasing elements of “The New Casino,” including several new games, products, and technologies at G2E 2019.

GameCo will be unveiling several new innovations, including Multiplayer Arena, featuring games that bring esports-style tournaments and head-to-head competitions to the casino floor, GamersEdge technology in a variety of new games like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and SoulCaliburII Casino Edition, as well as new Katana and Impulse! cabinets.

GameCo invented and pioneered the concept of video game gambling machines, which allow a player’s skill to impact the payout and winnings while maintaining the same casino economics as slot machines – combining chance and skill in an entirely new way.

At G2E, GameCo will unveil new and updated game titles, including Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream rhythm runner, and SoulCaliburII Casino Edition (with Multiplayer Arena). Alongside these core games will be casual and sports titles, including PopFish (Fast Match), All-Star Hoops (basketball), and Mystery of the Secret Temple (Match 3).

“We’re excited to put our vision for The New Casino on display at G2E,” says Blaine Graboyes, co-founder and CEO of GameCo. “GameCo is innovating at astounding speeds, creating new technologies and titles that will fundamentally change how people play at casinos. We’re bringing gambling and video games to new, younger audiences and creating tangible opportunity for casinos to generate new revenue.”

GameCo is revolutionizing casino cabinets for a modern gamer with two new designs, Katana and Impulse! These new cabinets will change the gambling experience by creating a comfortable and exciting lean-forward play environment.

The new Katana gaming cabinet features an ultra- high definition 42-inch 4K screen, premium sound system, and other features which combine to provide players with an unparalleled interactive gaming and gambling experience. During G2E, games featured will include PopFish! and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The second cabinet, Impulse!, is a tabletop machine that has been created to be ergonomically friendly for casual game players and is at a slight incline with a padded exterior. Mystery of the Secret Temple and a Multigame version featuring three of their top titles will be available with the new Impulse! cabinet.

GameCo will also be revealing its brand-new Multiplayer Arena, which brings a new social experience to the casino floor allowing people to play head-to-head or esports tournament style in games like SoulCaliburII Casino Edition and All-Star Hoops.

There will be five tournaments hosted at GameCo’s Multiplayer Arena: two taking place each day on October 15th and 16th and another on October 17th. The tournaments will host up to 16 players, with prizes for players and winners. To join a tournament, visit GameCo’s booth to sign up and get a time slot.

In response to casino properties’ requests, GameCo will also showcase a Multigame Bartop VGM and Multigame VGM at this year’s show. Featuring exciting games such as Riches of the Golden Dragon (Pick-3), All-Star Hoops (basketball), and Mystery of the Secret Temple (Match 3), these VGMs will bring diverse game genres to one gaming machine and help reinvent the on-floor and bar experience.

GameCo’s new patented technology GamersEdge solves for managing “over-hold” generated by non-optimal play while allowing skilled players to achieve a higher payout. This is a key breakthrough for the Video Game Gambling category, casinos, and players as it balances the experience for new players and provides increased rewards for skilled players.

GameCo is also entering the iGaming and mobile casino industry with an interactive gambling Fast Match game called Scarlet’s Heart. Scarlet’s Heart brings the popular match game genre to major iGaming operators worldwide with an edgy style and thrilling experience. The game features high velocity betting, exciting Power-Ups, and a Frenzy Bonus for massive wins. Built in HTML5 for mobile and desktop distribution, Scarlet’s Heart is the first of many iGaming products planned by GameCo.

GameCo will be showcasing its new Video Game Gambling innovations during G2E at Booth #5034 and their Multiplayer Arena at Booth #2609.
For the latest GameCo news, visit G2E Booth #2609, go to, or follow the company on Twitter at

Gaming Analytics.AI: Changing the Way the Industry Makes Decisions

Gaming Analytics Inc. will attend G2E with a new approach to data analytics: a language processing tool that lets casino staff type or speak data questions from a phone or desktop for immediate answers. Visit Booth #5440 to learn more.

For the first time, Gaming Analytics Inc. will make an appearance at G2E, showcasing a refreshing approach to data analytics. It has developed a powerful tool based on natural language processing that allows casino staff to simply type or speak their data-related questions on the fly, from any phone or desktop, to receive immediate answers. The startup is making its G2E debut at Booth #5440.

If you’ve been waiting for the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gaming Analytics founder and CEO Kiran Brahmandam has a solution. After more than a decade in the industry, he saw the market need for an easy-to-use platform to make complicated casino data accessible and meaningful to employees at every level of training and experience. In 2017, Brahmandam launched GamingAnalytics.AI, an award winning platform that makes predictive analytics easy, accessible and affordable for all. This solution is the flexible, dynamic platform needed to make full use of casino data without a data scientist on staff. The proof is in the pudding: industry-leading casinos across the globe are choosing Gaming Analytics over well-known industry giants as their data analytics platform.

The Gaming Analytics mission is to make data analytics easy, actionable and affordable. The team’s experience and research has formulated a deep understanding of the business problems that casino operators are up against. Gaming Analytics wants to seamlessly integrate with the existing workflows of your operations team, making AI your virtual assistant as you look for opportunities in your slot mix or strengthen relationships with your top players. Stop by the Innovation Lab Booth #5833 on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. to attend “Practical Applications of AI/ML: Customer Retention Made Easy with AI/ML.” Brahmandam will explain how to use machine learning to improve customer retention.

Visit Booth #5440 for demos of industry-first NLP-based data platform, including the new churn analysis feature, which automatically detects churn and alerts player development to take appropriate actions. Capable of predicting churn four times faster than traditional methods, the feature includes all the information a casino marketer needs to make contact immediately, before the player goes cold. Casino operators can see how much value loss they’ve experienced due to churn and which players are likely to churn in the future.

On the slots side, Gaming Analytics’ proprietary technology makes good games great with the GamingAnalytics.AI recommendation engine. Says Brahmandam, “Slot operators focus the majority of their attention on low performing assets due to the limited number of hours in a day. Our machine learning-generated recommendations give slot operators the capacity and confidence to make changes to machines that are already performing well.” The end result? Kiran explains, “Armed with highly accurate predictions, slot operators have the capacity to optimize the slot mix from top to bottom.” At one casino, GA recommendations improved net win of some of the top performing games by an additional 123 percent (from 5.52x Zone Average to 6.87x Zone Average).

For more information, visit Gaming Analytics at G2E Booth #5440, or email

Sit Down & Cheer! Gary Platt Presents Enterprise-wide Seating Solutions

Chairs from Gary Platt Manufacturing are world-famous for their unsurpassed comfort. In fact, operator studies have shown that when players are comfortable, they stay and enjoy themselves at the game longer. Visit Gary Platt at G2E Booth #2618.

Stop at G2E Booth #2618 to discover how Gary Platt seating solutions make gaming operators sit down and cheer. The unsurpassed comfort that operators give their players in the casino is now available in collections for all areas of the casino, hotel, and hospitality venues.

The excitement begins with Gary Platt’s new sportsbook line and the incredible Sportsbook Club chair. As comfortable as the chair in your man cave, the new Sportsbook Club is perfect for a day full of football games or a day watching the races because this lounge-style chair is built for maximum comfort. It features oversized back and arms, reclining back, USB charger, cupholder, and Gary Platt’s exclusive foam.

Other chairs in the sportsbook collection include the GX2, Lido, Lugano, Monaco, and Sonoma. Each chair is handcrafted and can be customized to fit each property’s individual brand.

Gary Platt will also introduce its new Signature collection, where each chair bears the name of the company’s visionary and legendary founder. These premium seating solutions are ideal for high limit areas. In addition to Gary Platt’s exclusive foam for unsurpassed comfort, each chair features distinctive designs and finishes, such as the waved edge on the Savannah, the sporty wrap-around back of the Tesla, and the patented Monaco.

Across the entire floor, Gary Platt perfectly matches comfort with convenience with its quick-change seat. Designed with just two bolts, the quick-change seat can replace an existing seat in under one minute, getting your players back in the game with renewed comfort.

Gary Platt also offers a wealth of seating solutions for all hospitality areas, including restaurant, convention, and guest room.

Gary Platt’s Sierra Nevada Hospitality collection features dozens of styles and virtually limitless configurations for restaurants, bars, and lounges of all types, sizes, and tastes. The Sierra Nevada Hospitality line also includes seating solutions for reception, lobby, and guest service areas, as banquet and meeting rooms.

Next, operators can finally leave behind notoriously uncomfortable convention seating with Gary Platt’s new Kopa stack chair. Designed specifically for the conference and banquet area, the Kopa stack chair incorporates all of the ergonomics of our casino seating into a stack chair with base legs that are light, durable, and easily stacked.

For the guest room, Gary Platt’s new Eclipse office-style chair brings the comfort of casino seating to the guest’s in-room desk area. Eclipse chairs feature an upholstered seat, a full synchro spyder-style base, and adjustable arms that fold back completely, seat back is available with upholstery or mesh. The Eclipse is also a perfect solution for the back office, executive, meeting room or dealer seating.

Discover chairs that will make you sit down and cheer in Gary Platt’s G2E Booth #2618 or go to

Gasser Chair Company Presents New Sportsbook Models at G2E

Gasser Chair Company’s new G2E exhibit spotlights sportsbook seating. Subhead- Multiple new seating lines fulfill all your seating project needs. Visit Gasser Booth #3016 at G2E, and the Sportsbook and Event Booth across the aisle at #3216.

Gasser Chair Company Inc. prides itself on being the ultimate one-stop chair supplier for all casino and hotel hospitality, gaming and dining needs.

To showcase its numerous new seating products to specific audiences at G2E in Las Vegas, Gasser has built a dedicated 300-square-foot sportsbook and event seating section within its overall 900-square-foot booth.

The modern, colorful layout includes two separate exhibit floor spaces on opposite sides of an aisle. Each section will display products appropriate for modern casino and hotel operations.

Communications Manager Kevin Buck says Gasser’s extensive research has produced the perfect sportsbook chair, the Agora, which will launch at G2E. The comprehensive development process took much of the past year.

He says, “The Agora chair’s flexible seating options include adding attachments and chargers for iPads and phones. It allows our customers to tailor these seats to satisfy their own customers’ preferences and create a premier sportsbook destination. This flexibility also enhances individual pricing options to accommodate any budget.

“I’ve never sat in a more comfortable chair,” he jokes, “and the prototype could just go ‘missing’ from R& D and end up in my house.”

The sportsbook booth will share space with event seating, where Gasser will highlight the new 13-pound Vindi superlight stack chair. That area will also display several other stack chair models.

Across the aisle in Booth #3016, Gasser’s remaining 600 square feet will showcase the newest slots, table games and poker chairs. These will highlight multiple custom projects manufactured throughout this year, including the debut of the Alto, Gasser’s newest gaming series.

“Casino operators who require buying value never want to sacrifice quality. Our new Alto series chair lets them achieve both. The Alto series is available for slots, table games and poker rooms. We are confident it will be a huge product for our customers because it is equally comfortable and affordable,” Buck says.

Gasser has enjoyed a 73-year history as a leading hospitality and casino seating supplier. They manufacture their entire product line at the Gasser complex in Youngstown, Ohio.

For more on the Gasser Chair Company, stop at G2E Booth #3016 and the Sportsbook and Event display across the aisle at Booth #3216. Learn more about Gasser at

Get Ready for ‘Illuminating’ Surprises from GLI

Visit G2E Booth #4430 to discover what’s new from New Jersey-based Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Get ready. GLI’s got something unique and special planned for this year’s G2E show—something the company promises “you’ve never seen before from GLI.”

GLI’s stated mission is to provide world-class testing, certification and professional services to the global gaming industry, and to accomplish its mission with the highest levels of independence and integrity.

The company kept its surprise close to the vest as G2E approached. But it stated, “We promise not to keep you in the dark too much longer. So, keep watching your inbox for future updates as we shed more light on what’s to come. It’s going to be illuminating.”

Intrigued? To learn more, visit the GLI team at G2E Booth #4430 or go to

Global Gaming Women to Present Insightful Panels at G2E

Global Gaming Women (GGW) will shine a bright spotlight on leadership in a series of informative panels at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo, with high-level panels, top-flight speakers and inspirational topics.

Global Gaming Women (GGW) will bring a series of strong, informative panels to Global Gaming Expo 2019.

This year, GGW’s educational track is fully integrated into G2E’s primary Educational Track programming, allowing for more attendees to learn from GGW’s robust roster of experienced panelists.

“We are thrilled to present a diverse roster of leaders and experts to speak to G2E attendees,” says Cassie Stratford, GGW vice president and co-chair of the Programming Committee. “Education is a vital pillar of our work at Global Gaming Women, and we are excited to continue that mission at G2E, with four unique panels that will help inspire attendees—women and men—to find the courage to lead.”

First, on Tuesday, October 15 at 11:00 a.m., Roberta Perry, president of Roberta Perry and Associates, will lead the attendee-favorite discussion, “Powerful Women Affecting Powerful Change.” The members of this C-suite panel represent the industry spectrum of regulators, suppliers, and operators who will give a distinctly female perspective on the global gaming industry. Scheduled to appear are Sandra Douglass-Morgan, Chairwoman, Nevada Gaming Control Board; Mary Beth Higgins, Chief Executive Officer, Affinity Gaming; Lynn Valbuena, Chairwoman, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; and Ellen F. Whittemore, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Wynn Resorts.

Next at 2:00 p.m., Gaming Laboratories International’s (GLI) Senior Director of Engineering Tina Kilmer will lead the discussion, “How Did You Do That and Why Not? How to Get out of Your own Way.” Leadership can be easier said than done, and panelists will have a frank and interactive discussion about the what’s, how’s, and why’s of their leadership experience. Slated to appear are Julie Hakman, President and CEO, AmericanChecked Inc.; Jennifer Roberts, associate director, International Center for Gaming Regulation, UNLV; Paul Speirs-Hernandez, president, Steinbeck Communications/Red Wagon Institute; and Jean Venneman, chief commercial officer, Gaming Arts, LLC.

GGW’s sessions continue Wednesday, October 16. At 1:30 p.m. is CEO/President of the Simmons Group Ann Simmons Nicholson conducting a highly interactive session on the topic, “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. Case studies and counterintuitive research in psychology, sociology, and other fields will lend insight into why we are challenged by change, and how to meet those challenges head-on.

At 2:30 p.m., Aristocrat’s Vice President of New Markets Lauralyn McCarthy-Sandoval will lead the discussion, “Breaking Out of Your Lane: People Who’ve Proven Everything is Possible.” Slated to appear are former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, who is now president of Global Gaming Development, MGM Resorts International; Patricia Becker, president, Becker & Associates; Elaine A. Hodgson, president and CEO, Incredible Technologies; and Pat Ramsey, member, board of directors for Aristocrat Technologies. The group will discuss how they successfully pivoted from seemingly unrelated fields to reach the highest executive levels in gaming.

GGW is also offering G2E Educational Scholarships. Applications are available now at The deadline for submission is rapidly approaching, and attendees are encouraged to submit their applications today

For more information, visit

GPI Highlights Its Line of SMART RFID Solutions at G2

Gaming Partners International (GPI), the leading global supplier of table game security products including chips, plaques, Jetons, layouts, playing cards, dice and SMART RFID products and solutions is proud to present once again at the G2E. Check out Booth #4433.

With a commitment to research and the development of new and innovative products and services, Gaming Partners International is always one step ahead of the competition.

The leading global supplier of table game security products including chips, plaques, Jetons, layouts, playing cards, dice and SMART RFID products and solutions is proud to present once again at the G2E. Visit Booth #4433 to learn more.

GPI’s SMART RFID high frequency products and solutions are built on the ISO18000-3M3 standard. SMART offers operators a more affordable and accessible RFID alternative for securing and managing their gaming currency inventories. The suite of products consists of specially developed currency RFID tags, hardware readers and antennas.

SMART works to provide faster chip reads, enhancing your table, cage and fill bank processes. Coupled with the Chip Inventory System (CIS) software, SMART RFID streamlines operations on the table and in the back of house

SMART readers and antennas can be utilized as either a stand-alone solution for basic currency authentication or can be combined with GPI’s Chip Inventory System and table game solution add-ons to maximize RFID’s capabilities. For currency authentication, SMART RFID provides a simple and secure means of currency authentication anywhere readers and antennas are installed.

GPI’s SMART RFID technology is 100 percent compatible with the Angel Eye Complete table game system.

Angel Playing Cards to Present Their Suite of Products

Also being highlighted this year is the Angel Playing Cards suite of products. This includes Angel’s top of the line, casino grade playing cards. Angel cards are printed using state-of-the-art printing technology and using the most stringent manufacturing tolerances in the market. Angel’s playing cards manufacturing process is completely automated to reduce human error, enhance security and provide customers with the highest levels of confidence in the finished product.

Angel was the first manufacturer to develop pre-shuffled cards and the only manufacturer to 100 percent inspect every printed card. Pre-shuffled cards offered by Angel provide significant benefits to operators and increase game security and productivity.

Angel will also be showcasing both the Angel Eye and Super Angel Eye baccarat shoes. These electric shoes offer extremely high accuracy rates in reading the unique codes on all Angel playing cards. The shoes trigger audible and visual alarms in the event of a dealing error and are compatible with all results display boards.

This revolutionary product was another world-first developed by Angel and has changed the way baccarat is played in casinos worldwide. The Angel Eye provides a secure and reliable game for both the players and the casino while reducing the incidence of cheating at the same time. As a result, Angel is now the global leader in the provision of electric dealing shoes.

For more information, stop at G2E Booth #4433 or visit or

Gaming Standards Association (GSA) Hosts Annual & Technical Committee Meetings at G2E

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) will host a series of events at G2E including the Annual GSA meeting, a cocktail reception sponsored by Howard and Howard, as well as Technical Committee Meetings hosted by Konami Gaming.

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) will bring the industry together with a series of events at G2E including the Annual GSA meeting, a cocktail reception sponsored by Howard and Howard, and Technical Committee Meetings hosted by Konami Gaming.

“GSA standards power the games and systems attendees will see on the G2E tradeshow floor,” says GSA President Peter DeRaedt. “A wide range of suppliers will present innovative products that operators from all over the world will want on their casinos floors. GSA standards make a lot of those implementations possible, seamlessly, allowing suppliers to be creative, and allowing operators to offer new and exciting experiences to their customers. GSA standards provides the glue that keeps the industry together.”

GSA standards and the future of gaming will be the focus of GSA’s Technical Committee Meeting, held at Konami Gaming’s offices in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Also on October 16, GSA invites the industry to attend its Annual Meeting and Cocktail Reception. This event takes place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Canaletto Restaurant inside the Venetian Resort. The event features networking, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres as well as information on the current state of GSA’s standards.

Following soon after G2E, GSA’s 2019 Technology Summit presents “Focus on Artificial Intelligence,” a crucial technology event for the gaming industry. The Summit takes place November 6 and 7 at the Hyatt Regency in San Diego, California.

GSA is gratified to recognize its Technology Summit sponsors:

  • ai, a Cloud Information Management Platform that licenses actionable intelligence and applications for the global gaming and amusement industry will sponsor at the Diamond level.
  • Novomatic AG, a producer of high-tech gaming equipment and operator of electronic casinos, regular casinos and sports betting outlets, as well as a technology and service partner in the lottery segment sponsors this event at the Platinum level.
  • Other Platinum members include: Aristocrat Technologies Inc.; International Game Technology (IGT); Konami Gaming Inc.; Microgaming Software Systems Ltd.; Playtech and Scientific Games International.

Attendees can register for any of GSA’s events by visiting


HBG Design, Designing Experience at G2E 2019

For 40 years, HBG Design has been pioneering the creation of imaginative and memorable guest experiences. Visit HBG’s creative team at G2E Booth #3807.

As a Top 5 hospitality and entertainment design firm in the U.S., HBG Design’s team of 120 architects, interior designers and building professionals in Memphis and San Diego share a passion for making stories come to life by shaping physical space and connecting people to place.

HBG Design translates market influences, brand, culture, original storytelling and sustainable concepts into inspired hospitality and entertainment design for clients and their guests.

“Our philosophy of experience-driven design will be well-represented at G2E Booth #3807,” says Dike Bacon, principal, HBG Design. “We will be showcasing a number of recent project openings, including Sycuan Casino Resort, and exciting projects currently in the works. G2E is the place to be!”

HBG Design was designer and architect for the new $226 million, 500,000-square-foot expansion of Sycuan Casino Resort in El Cajon, California. With several design surprises in store for guests, the 300-room hotel tower, casino and F&B expansion has created an array of revenue generating opportunities for Sycuan and helped fulfill a need for more distinct guest experiences: such as pool side concert events, meetings and conferences, craft beer and craft cocktail offerings, and posh indoor/outdoor California vibe dining for patio weather relaxing and late night mingling.

HBG Design will also be celebrating the sensory-nourishing wellness experience created for the Spa at Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, California. The spa was luxuriously reimagined by HBG Design ahead of the eagerly anticipated opening of the 459-room hotel expansion at Cache Creek in early 2020. The firm will offer a sneak peek of the Cache Creek project at G2E, along with the Desert Diamond West Valley Casino Resort in Glendale, AZ, and two urban hotel experiences for Canopy by Hilton and Hyatt Centric, all set to complete in the coming year.

Collaborators. Storytellers. Market surveyors. Experience curators. HBG Design is absolutely passionate about entertainment and hospitality design.

Learn more about HBG Design G2E Booth #3807 or go to

Inspired Welcomes Hockey Legend Jaromir Jágr to G2

Inspired Entertainment Inc., award-winning supplier of virtual sports, mobile gaming and slot content, will host legendary hockey star Jaromir Jágr at G2E on Wednesday, October 16. Visit the Inspired team, discover new sports gaming innovations and meet Jágr at Booth #4130.

Inspired Entertainment Inc., award-winning supplier of virtual sports, mobile gaming and slot content, has signed a worldwide exclusive brand partnership with legendary hockey star Jaromir Jágr, who will appear on Wednesday, October 15 at Booth #4130.

Jaromir Jágr is an Olympic gold medal-winning professional ice hockey player who’s made history as one of the most prolific point scorers in National Hockey League history. Over a 24-year career, he’s played for the Penguins, Capitals, Rangers, Flyers, Stars, Bruins, Devils, Panthers and Flames. He’s won two consecutive Stanley Cups and individually received the Art Ross Trophy as the scoring champion five times, the Lester B. Pearson Award for the NHL’s outstanding player three times, and the Hart Memorial Trophy as the league’s most valuable player. He is considered one of the greatest professional hockey players of all time.

“I am very excited about this partnership and the opportunity to be the face of Inspired’s suite of hockey gaming products,” said Jágr. “I have been increasingly impressed with their creativity and innovation in using live action to establish themselves with leading edge technology in Virtual Sports. I’ve done almost everything imaginable on the ice in my hockey career so I can’t wait to see the breakout plays that Inspired puts together for Virtual Hockey.”

In addition to being the talent behind Inspired’s upcoming Virtual Hockey game, Jágr is expected to become the face of the company’s new slot game Jágr Super Slots, expected to launch later this year throughout its global customer base, and be featured in its live action penalty shoot-out game and bingo game that are under development for anticipated release in 2020.

“We are thrilled to announce Jaromir Jágr as the face of Inspired’s newest suite of games,” said Brooks Pierce, president and chief operating officer of Inspired. “Jaromir’s fans will appreciate the realistic quality of the action and imagery in all of the gaming products we are creating.”

Many of these new Jágr-inspired products will be showcased at the company’s booth at G2E. To celebrate this new brand partnership, Jágr will be making a VIP guest appearance at Inspired’s G2E Booth #4130 on Wednesday, October 16, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., where Inspired is bringing content and solutions that demonstrate what makes the company “Essential Entertainment.”

Also look for Inspired’s groundbreaking Virtual Basketball game, which uses the latest in motion capture technology to create a new level of realism, and V-Play Football. Inspired is the only provider of virtual football, which will become even more exciting since Inspired signed a deal with VEEPIO, the mobile technology arm of the NFL Alumni (NFLA), to use the name, brand, image, persona, and likenesses of NFLA members in virtual football games worldwide.

Inspired offers an expanding portfolio of content, technology, hardware and services for regulated gaming, betting, lottery, and leisure operators across retail and mobile channels around the world. The company’s gaming, virtual sports, interactive and leisure products appeal to a wide variety of players, creating new opportunities for operators to grow their revenue in approximately 35 jurisdictions worldwide.

To learn more, visit the Inspired team at G2E Booth #4130 or go to

12-Plus New Games, Other Innovations Coming from Interblock

Interblock will introduce more than a dozen new electronic table game products at this year’s G2E. That’s just the start. Visit Booth #1239 to see its comprehensive portfolio of automated, video and dealer-assist product lines that will revolutionize the way the gaming sector perceives ETGs.

Luxury gaming manufacturer and electronic table game (ETG) industry leader Interblock will come to G2E with a comprehensive portfolio of automated, video and dealer-assist products, designed to revolutionize the way the gaming sector perceives ETGs.

The company will exhibit leading ETG innovations including its Pulse Arena, Universal Cabinet, MiniStar and Golden Ball Roulette.

“G2E has always been a focal point for Interblock to share its latest innovations with the industry and 2019 will be unparalleled,” says John Connelly, Interblock Global CEO. “Our primary focus is to further diversify our product offering and the perception of the ETG segment as a whole. We will introduce new forms of technology designed to reduce the operational expenses associated with live table games, while providing new products to attract both new and existing customers alike.”

Continuing to be a leader in innovation, Interblock will display its latest line of ETGs featuring its breakthrough form factor the Universal Cabinet. The Universal Cabinet is a standalone unit with slot-like hardware designed to support a variety of games. Available in both video and automated formats, the product will demonstrate craps, roulette, blackjack and baccarat games.

The Universal Cabinet line of games represents a new segment and provides an unique perspective on table games. The new line provides operators with the ability to offer a variety of ETGs in a smaller, flexible footprint with complete configuration flexibility. Players enjoy an intimate tactile ETG experience that moves at the pace of the player. Universal Cabinet is revolutionary to the gaming industry and will change the way a typical casino floor is configured moving forward. Universal Cabinets will bring even more newly carded players to the casino floor and increase the hold and handle the industry has historically seen from ETGs.

Interblock’s award-winning stadium configuration, Pulse Arena, is one such product demonstrating the company’s latest enhancements. All Interblock Stadiums can be configured with automated, video, dealer assist generators and/or live table platforms based on footprint availability. This flexible platform provides operators with the most efficient use of floor space when multiple games are activate. Any desired number of play stations can be connected to a single unit. It offers the most versatile Stadium game portfolio while generating continuous play and reducing operating expenses.

With compelling audio and visual effects and side bets the product line gives ultimate flexibility to operators and provides an enhanced gaming experience. Live crap will allow players to throw the dice within a stadium environment. Tournament-mode will also be active on various game types within the Stadium as well as its ability to connect to external Interblock generators. At the show, the Stadium will be configured with live, automated and video versions of roulette, multi-hand blackjack, baccarat and craps.

Interblock’s compact Roulette ETG, MiniStar Roulette, delivers more than 120 results per hour and provides all of the features and functionalities available on Interblock’s Diamond product line in a smaller footprint and a lower price point. MiniStar Roulette will feature sound effects designed to elevate the player experience. MiniStar Dice will also be on Interblock’s display. This product is composed of Interblock’s new micro-dice generator and play stations that are closely situated, providing excellent dice visibility for the player. It offers most of Interblock’s Diamond Craps features in a smaller footprint.

Recently upgraded hardware will be on display for the video versions of blackjack and baccarat, offering all of the player favorite features in a more compact footprint, as well. Each game will feature an enhanced Virtual Dealer with fast-deal graphics that have reduced waiting time for participating players resulting in more hands per hour.

Finally, Interblock’s Golden Ball Roulette will be featured at the show. A completely new take on the classic roulette game Golden Ball generates results based on different color balls ejecting out of the ball magazine. The game is intended to increase the hold of the traditional roulette game and introduce a new type of player to the traditional roulette game. Golden Ball brings all new side bet action to a market starved for innovation on this casino favorite game.

To learn more, visit Interblock at G2E Booth #1239, go to or call 702-260-1384.

iGaming Player

Jani-King Cleans Up at G2E

Jani-King International, a leading global commercial cleaning franchisor, will showcase its casino EVS/Housekeeping program at G2E 2019. Visit Booth #5341 to learn how Jani-King can save you time and money.

With decades of experience in the hotel and resort market and casino partners across the U.S., global commercial cleaning franchisor Jani-King has the experience to deliver the results your casino properties demand.

As busy, 24-hour operations, casinos offer plenty of challenges for all departments. Jani-King handles the EVS/housekeeping needs so casino general managers can forget about those headaches and focus on other areas of the guest experience.

Founded in 1969, the company has more than 120 regional support offices in 10 countries. Through this network of regional support offices and its global headquarters in Addison, Texas, Jani-King franchisees provide commercial cleaning services for diverse facilities including hospitals, offices, hotels/resorts, schools and universities, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, restaurants, sporting venues and more. The company has consistently ranked as the top performer among commercial cleaning franchise businesses.

Jani-King’s complete casino program includes finding and hiring labor, insurance, training, room-turns, front-of-house, back-of-house, venues, meeting rooms, restrooms, floors and more.

Visit Jani-King at G2E Booth #5341 to learn how you can save money and time by utilizing Jani-King’s EVS/housekeeping program or go to

JCM Global, CountR Bring Secure New Transaction Solutions to G2E

JCM Global and CountR have entered into a new agreement that brings increased security, TITO, and innovative cashless payment solutions to the table games area of the casino. Discover the new systems at JCM’s G2E Booth #4039 and in CountR’s Booth #4200.

JCM Global and CountR are joining forces to bring increased security, TITO, and innovative cashless payment solutions to the table games area of the casino. Discover the new systems at G2E Booth #4039 (JCM) and Booth #4200 (CountR).

Under the new agreement, JCM will distribute CountR’s TITA system, a table games payment solution that allows for TITO and POS transactions, along with high-speed and high security currency validation using JCM’s MRX bill validator, all directly at the table game. JCM will distribute the TITA system throughout North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region.

“JCM has a long history of developing solutions that help our casino partners increase their security, efficiency, and player connections. CountR’s TITA system is a unique solution that utilizes JCM’s technology and intellectual property, creating new buy-in methods for table games, increasing player convenience, and making table transactions more efficient,” says JCM Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Operations Dave Kubajak. “Combining JCM’s history of innovation with CountR’s TITA solution is a perfect partnership that will benefit casinos worldwide.”

“Combining CountR’s innovative and smart solutions with JCM’s robust products and services is a synergistic endeavor that creates the only end-to-end response for table operations’ most pressing needs and concerns,” adds CountR VP of Global Sales Virginie Bellaton. “CountR TITA gives cash access to patrons, keeps chip inventory at the table, and brings complete transactional security and trackability. With the unrivalled system connectivity of CountR, TITA integration is a natural next step to TITO operations.”

The TITA system enables TITO transactions at the table game where a TITO ticket is issued to a player in exchange for their chips. For the operator, this reduces the number of table fills and drops per day, resulting in decreased table down time and increased hands per hour. For the player, this eliminates the need to stand in line to cash chips at the cashier’s cage and enhances their overall play experience. Players can redeem their TITO ticket at any redemption kiosk, or move freely from table games to slots or from slots to table games with their TITO ticket. The TITA system accepts and accounts for both TITO tickets and TITO promotional vouchers.

With the TITA system, operators can now support POS transactions at the table, giving players the ability to withdraw funds directly from their account without leaving the table. This increases player satisfaction and increases the overall efficiency of the casino operation.

Additionally, JCM’s MRX bill validator reads two notes/TITO tickets per second, bringing the fastest bill validation solution to table games. The MRX can be upgraded to include JCM’s Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®) system to provide the highest level of accounting.

Attendees at G2E can experience the TITA system in JCM’s Booth #4039 or in CountR’s Booth #4200.

For more information, visit and

Konami Innovates the Gaming Floor of Tomorrow at G2E

From new game form factors to facial recognition technology, Konami’s G2E 2019 presence demonstrates a commitment to invest in the industry’s future. Visit Booth #1256 to get a preview.

A company characterized by its strong entertainment heritage and proven dependability, Konami Gaming, Inc. is using G2E 2019 to provide the industry with a first look at an expanding lineup of future product. Guests from across the globe will be among the first to experience entirely new slot cabinets, creative game content, and casino systems solutions aimed at advancing product technology across the space.

“Konami’s aim is empowering operators with exceptional entertainment to reach and engage today’s players and beyond,” says Tom Jingoli, executive vice president & chief commercial officer at Konami Gaming. “We are actively leveraging a combination of top technology, talent, design, and development to deliver a host of new products at this year’s event, through the immediate years to come.”

On the heels of high performance across the big-screen Concerto Opus cabinet, and growing momentum for its award-winning KX 43, Konami is further expanding its cabinet lineup with a never-before-seen, portrait screen machine. Built to maximize merchandising, versatility, and enjoyment, Konami’s latest slot cabinet will showcase several debut series in captivating 4K Ultra HD. Guests at G2E Las Vegas will be first in the industry to experience the machine firsthand.

KX 43 is set to premiere six unique linked progressives filled with must-see play mechanics. Fortune Mint is among this year’s showcase series on the 4K UHD portrait screen machine. It features two debut base games, mystery multipliers, symbol-driven jackpots, and vibrant Asian-inspired art elements. KX 43 will also debut a mix of custom merchandizing options, designed to maximize appeal and performance.

Original game releases for Konami’s award-winning Opus cabinet will be featured across its 65-inch display during G2E 2019, including Hao Yun Lai. Hao Yun Lai is the first ever game to combine the popularity of both Strike Zone—from games like Star Watch Magma—and the Fade Away Feature—from games like Chili Chili Fire—together in one. When any wild symbol lands within the player’s selected Strike Zone it triggers the Fade Away Feature, which eliminates all lower-value card symbols and leaves only higher-value picture symbols for big win combinations. Hao Yun Lai also includes a symbol-driven integrated progressive delivered through a new Pop n’ Drop Feature that involves stacked fireworks that hang in the upper area of the screen.

Konami’s award-winning Synkros casino management system will offer live demo opportunities throughout the show, with a number of award-winning advancements including Synk Vision facial recognition and the SynkConnect player mobile app. Both are “cardless” solutions, designed to empower players with the opportunity to receive targeted offers, rewards, and communications, without the need for a traditional player loyalty card. In addition, this year marks the debut of Konami’s comprehensive Title 31/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system Synk31, which allows permissioned administrators to electronically gather, track, review, complete, and deliver all AML requirements with robust, real-time results.

For more information, guests are encouraged to visit the Konami team at G2E Booth #1256 or go to

At G2E, Merkur Gaming Is All About the Bonuses

For Merkur Gaming, G2E 2019 is all about one word: bonus! The new linked progressive jackpot Treasure Link will make its world debut at the show. Treasure Link combines with five new game titles, African Glory, Dragon Marbles, Golden Silk, Joker Buffalo and Temple of the Nile, to create an exciting new concept. Visit Booth #3353 to see more.

Merkur Gaming comes to Booth #3353 at G2E with games that offer players extra attractions, entertainment and engagement in the form of bonus features.

The star of the show is an all-new linked progressive jackpot, Treasure Link. Making its worldwide debut at the show, Treasure Link combines with five new game titles—African Glory, Dragon Marbles, Golden Silk, Joker Buffalo and Temple of the Nile—to create an exciting new concept.

These great base games, each with a free games bonus feature called Cash Games, all have special features that open the door to Treasure Link’s high value Mini, Midi, Maxi and Mega Progressive Jackpots. Created in Germany by the Gauselmann Group’s Design Team Stella, Treasure Link promises a gaming adventure like no other.

Also making its first G2E appearance will be Rapid Thunder, an inbuilt high prize value jackpot feature that offers the opportunity for big prizes. Rapid Thunder is a bonus feature innovation that has been included as an inbuilt add-on to the already successful and familiar Taco Tuesday, Land of Charms, the Asian-themed Immortal Emperor, Immortal Princess and Baozang as well as the Egyptian-inspired Amulet of the Pharaoh games.

Rapid Thunder is building on Merkur Gaming’s presence in casino operations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and teams from Merkur’s subsidiary companies in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. All will be represented in Las Vegas.

Merkur Gaming will also introduce several other exciting new products at G2E, all purpose-built with player engagement and interaction in mind. Headlining these new game presentations will be Runnin’ Wild together with Jewels of the Nile, Striking Fortunes and Big Deal Wheel.

The theme for Merkur Gaming at G2E is added value for both operators and players, with new and exciting Bonus features that will ensure Merkur Gaming titles are an attraction on any gaming floor.

Alongside Merkur Gaming, the Gauselmann Group will be represented by two other companies: sports betting innovators Cashpoint and cash handling experts GeWeTe, demonstrating why they’re leaders in their own sectors.

Merkur Gaming is advancing its reputation for high quality, “made in Germany” manufacturing, groundbreaking gaming entertainment product concepts, top level sales and service from local companies and top tier brand excellence to markets across all of the Americas and beyond.

Visit Merkur Gaming at G2E Booth #3353, or go to

Novomatic Americas Reveals Latest in Gaming Entertainment at G2E

Novomatic Americas will present its latest gaming innovations at the Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas from October 15-17 at Booth #1259. Novomatic Americas will once again offer an impressive exhibition of Winning Technology as well as the latest in games and equipment.

Novomatic Americas, at G2E Booth #1259, will showcase an extensive product portfolio that showcases brand new games and game mixes, progressive jackpots, sports betting kiosks, system solutions and ETGs for the U.S. and surrounding markets.

Commercial, Tribal, and VGT operators can experience the wide-ranging product suite and understand how NOVOMATIC Americas’ award-winning technology can boost their operations.

“We are focused on progressives and launching several new progressive product lines: Pay Day Progressives with the new Pay Day Plus, the Money Party Link including Fruity Fruity and Juicy Juicy and our Thunder Cash Link are all designed for a complete progressive entertainment experience,” says Rick Meitzler, president and CEO of Novomatic Americas. “In terms of progressives, we will also showcase the new Samurai Beauty™, and customers shouldn’t miss this high-visibility presentation using the giant video wall and choreographed content. This package was a highlight at ICE in London, and we are bringing the U.S. version here to present this product in a unique style.”

Spearheaded by the fantastic success of the Thunder Cash Link, available on the Panthera Curve 1.43 and the V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43 which both feature the curved 43-inch 4K displays, various cabinet sizes for all-sized venues will showcase a selection of new games. Featuring among them are Dragon Hits as well as Prize of the Nile and Prized Panda—both part of the Pay Day Progressives family—from the NOVOMATIC Americas Mount Prospect games studio.

The Thunder Cash Link jackpot will show progressive prowess with popular and diverse themes like Emperor’s China, The Great Conqueror and Empress of the Pyramids. The Money Party Link will premiere Juicy Juicy and Fruity Fruity on the Panthera Curve 1.43, and Samurai Beauty with its beautiful presentation will command attention on the Novomatic stand.

The Panthera Curve 1.43, V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43, and V.I.P. Lounge 2.32 cabinets continue to bring top performance to North American gaming floors. These and other popular Novomatic cabinets, like the Panthera 2.27 will be also presented with a variety of multi-game editions for the international and Latin American markets.

The established Novo Line Novo Unity II platform will demonstrate the multiple variations of the popular ETG system showcasing the latest in side-betting features.

New mixes for the Illinois and Pennsylvania VGT markets will have a dedicated booth-within-a-booth location, and exciting products premiering in Puerto Rico will not disappoint. The scalable and modular myACP casino management system will be featured with new player recognition programs for the Illinois and Pennsylvania VGT markets including a new NOVO Rewards player recognition kiosk.

Capitalizing on the incredible success of the Novomatic ActionBook self-service sports betting kiosk, the prominent placement in the NOVOMATIC sports lounge will allow customers to experience the latest in customer sports betting capabilities.

Executives of the Novomatic Interactive division, Greentube, will also be present at the booth in Las Vegas to discuss the capabilities of new online and social gaming products.

“This year has been one of tremendous growth for us,” says Meitzler. “With the success of our Thunder Cash Link, our Novomatic ActionBook kiosk and so much more, 2019 has been a good year and this G2E is a celebration of that!”

Visitors to the Ainsworth section of Booth #1259 will see the evolution of the popular QuickSpin brand with more than 10 titles that offer innovative uses of the giant wheel on the sleek A640 portrait screen cabinet. High performing titles such as Super Charged 7s, Super Lantern 8s, Super Crystal 7s and the recently released MultiPlay Super Charged 7s will take center stage alongside new concepts such as Turbo Charged 7s, Super Lit Vegas and Super Charged 7s Classic. Additionally, Ainsworth will show Super Sonic 7s, a version of Super Charged 7s built for the EVO and A600 dual screen cabinets.

Ainsworth High Denomination content has been among the top earning games in North America for several years. At the Las Vegas show, Ainsworth will show how this top performing content is being leveraged across platforms, as titles like Mustang Money 2, Dollar Chief, Dollar Action and Grand Dragon can now be placed on single-screen cabinets, including the A640 and A560SL Noir.

Elsewhere in AGT’s high limit area, casino operators can check out the premiere of two new Symbol Driven Linked Progressive games built specifically for high denom: Kanga Riches and Fortune Ox, each take the success of strong math models and combine it with fresh art and a thrilling progressive jackpot chase. In total, the Ainsworth product display will be comprised of more than 125 gaming cabinets. Which highlight the broad offer for customers in Class III, Class II, Tribal Lottery System and Historical Horse Racing markets.

For more information, visit Novomatic Americas at G2E Booth 1259, or go to

Quixant Offers Value-Add Hardware, Software at G2E

An integral element of the gaming sector and of G2E, Quixant partners with global gaming OEMs to deliver versatile and innovative outsource solutions through their portfolio of gaming hardware, software and display technologies. Visit Booth #2040 to see the latest and greatest.

Quixant pioneers best-in-class innovation for all gaming markets, developing products that deliver customer-centric, value-add capabilities.

“We uniquely combine computer hardware and software expertise with a deep in-house understanding of the requirements and regulations of the gaming universe,” says Quizant CEO Jon Jayal, “so our customers can focus on creating the best games on the planet. We’re the partners who provide speed-to-market solutions, from platform integration, to hardware innovation and migration with the least disruption.”

This year at G2E, the Quixant Interactive Tech Area will focus on its unrivalled Gaming Ecosystem. Enabling OEMs to enhance performance and efficiency, accelerate development time and improve revenue with minimal down-time and maintenance costs, the Gaming Ecosystem is the most widely-adopted software ecosystem in the gaming industry. Offering seamless integration with high value add-ons including Slot Accounting System (SAS) and Game to Server (G2S) packages, it’s all backed by a secure customer service portal with dedicated and focused support from an elite group of engineers from across the globe.

Each one of Quixant’s market-leading gaming features is expertly engineered to enable cost-effective game development, seamless integration, speed-to- market delivery, enhanced user experience and regulatory compliance. Experience the Quixant Gaming Ecosystem at G2E, and discover how to get games to market—in record time.

The pioneering hardware solutions that complement the Gaming Ecosystem will of course also be as present. Quixant provides the perfect gaming board to fit all price and performance requirements—meeting customers’ needs in every regulated global market.

Alongside the renowned QXi-307, QXi-400 and QXi-7000 hardware solutions, Quixant’s new generation of controllers harnessing AMD’s unprecedented Ryzen Embedded APU processing power will also add to the multitude of attractions. The QXi-7000 LITE is the latest PC-based gaming platform solution enabling game design to be pushed to the limit. It’s also the most versatile and benefit-loaded.

Quixant’s exciting, contemporary monitor portfolio is a key part of its customer-centric offering. Mirroring the global trend towards slimline, flexible cabinet design, a fundamental new development in this range is the introduction of cutting-edge external “floating” designs with bespoke integrated LED arrangements and multiple touch technology options.

Quixant’s new 27-inch FHD Floating Monitor gives a high quality, durable display with the sharpest pixels and brightest colors on the market. And if that’s not enough, with a modular design and range of flexible LED configurations to suit every game concept—and budget—it’s arguably the most head-turning of monitors. For extra flexibility, durability, longevity and playability, the screen comes with a full flat surface mechanical design, high quality components and the choice of PCT touch solutions and protective glass options.

Visit Booth #2040 to learn more and join in a program of customer-focused events. To arrange a meeting, contact or visit


SBC Brings U.S. Sports Betting Industry Together at G2E

Sports Betting Community (SBC) will be at the forefront as the sports betting industry descends on Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo. Visit G2E Booth #5925 to meet the SBC team and find out what’s next.

Fresh off another successful Betting on Sports conference in London, Sports Betting Community (SBC) will not only have a presence at G2E but will also host a G2E sports betting networking party, “Vegas Baby,” and organize a host of other show-related activities.

SBC is the team behind the highly anticipated second annual Betting on Sports America (BOSA) trade show and conference. The largest dedicated sports betting trade show in the U.S. returns to the scene of its hugely successful debut edition, New Jersey’s Meadowlands Exposition Center April 28-30, 2020.

With the amount of exhibitor space remaining at BOSA running out, SBC’s booth will be the ideal time for companies to lock in their spots before they’re all taken. Companies will also be able to book delegate passes for BOSA via a special G2E show price with a substantial discount on the standard conference ticket.

SBC will also showcase its media division’s capabilities in Las Vegas by publishing the comprehensive Official Sports Betting Guide to G2E, which will be accessible to the more than 25,000 attendees at the event. The magazine includes exclusive interviews with industry leaders such as William Hill U.S. CEO Joe Asher and expert commentary from the likes of Don Best Sports (SG Digital), FanDuel, Stats Perform, Mazooma, SBTech and IGT, along with information about the G2E Sports Betting Symposium.

Rasmus Sojmark, CEO and founder of SBC, said, “We are delighted to take the lead in bringing the key industry insiders together during the cornerstone conference for the casino industry. The buzz is palpable in the United States and it will only grow as more and more states embrace sports betting. By joining forces SBC and G2E will have a great impact in driving value in this dynamic sector.”

SBC’s Vice President Growth and Strategy, Americas Sue Schneider added, “G2E historically is the place to be for anyone in the casino industry but has traditionally had little representation from the sports betting sector. We’ve been able to change that and, as more jurisdictions open up for the industry, events like these become more crucial in bringing everyone together.”

For more information, visit G2E Booth #5925 or go to

Spintec’s Industry-Leading Solutions Come to G2E

Top-ranked electronic table games (ETG) supplier Spintec will showcase its large product portfolio with enhanced technologies, design and materials at G2E. Visit Booth #2046 to check out its games and multigame solutions.

Leading ETG supplier Spintec will showcase its large product portfolio with enhanced technologies, design and materials at G2E. Visit Booth #2046 to check out its games and multigame solutions. Besides the core Spintec products, Karma GEN2 Electronic Table Games, the focus at this year’s show will definitely highlight the company’s multigame offerings.

Multigame solutions are what the industry is looking for right now, and Slovenia-based Spintec has the best to offer. Its Aura product line is ideal for Multigame amphitheater set-ups, which combines automated, virtual, and live table games into one multigame experience.

What’s more, the company also offers stand-alone multigame solutions, Aura and Karma, which allow more intimacy to players and also deliver the best gaming experience.

Spintec has enjoyed a successful year-to-date that saw the launch of a new game, Blackjack; the announcement of a new partnership with the Gauselmann Group; and the company’s debut in the Australian market. Spintec is excited to celebrate its success at G2E.

The company says the best is yet to come. This month, Spintec will move to new headquarters and will increase its production capabilities threefold. Spintec is experiencing strong growth in the most challenging markets worldwide, which proves its business plans are going in the right direction. It hopes to soon announce its entry into United States markets.

Spintec is a world leader in the design and production of electronic table games, integrating proprietary research and development, production and sales. Solutions designed by the Spintec team have a proven track record of prolonging gaming sessions.

For more information about Spintec, visit G2E Booth #2046 or go to

Synergy Blue to Hold Press Conference with Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari, at G2E

A leader in skill-based games and platforms, Synergy Blue is teaming up with the founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, to present a discussion on the next generation of players and what the future holds for the casino industry.

Synergy Blue, the leading creator of skill-influenced games and platforms for the casino market, has scheduled a press conference on the current urgency for skill-influenced video games in casinos.

The presser will feature Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and often cited as the Father of the video game industry. The presser will be held Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 2:30 – 3:00pm at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

With casinos feeling the pressure of revenue concerns among a rapidly changing demographic, Synergy Blue and Bushnell are coming together at G2E to explore how successful trends in the video and arcade industry can be implemented in casinos to create innovative experiences and attract new demographics.

Who: Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari Corporation, Technology Pioneer, Entrepreneur, and Engineer
What: 15 minute talk followed by audience Q&A
Where: G2E Press Room (just off the show floor) Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas
When: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 2:30 – 3:00pm

For more information visit: or follow @synergyblue1.

TCSJohnHuxley Debuts Blaze Baccarat, More at G2E

TCSJohnHuxley innovations will light up the gaming floor at G2E at Booth #4439. As the leader in research, development, services and innovation in the live gaming space, TCSJohnHuxley will showcase some new and exciting innovations in addition to its world-renowned core products, which have become industry benchmarks combining quality, innovation, reliability and security.

G2E will see the Americas debut of TCSJohnHuxley’s Blaze Baccarat, which was unveiled earlier this year at G2E Asia. Bringing a new twist to the traditional game of baccarat, this latest addition incorporates the same eye-catching Blaze-patented game attract animations as well as highlighting winning bets which excite new and experienced players whilst providing additional security to dealers and operations staff alike. Blaze Baccarat joins the suite of Roulette, Sicbo and Craps, completing this striking showcase of exciting table game products.

“Our Blaze range of products have been extremely successful in the Americas, with many casinos capitalizing on the added excitement and spectacle these eye-catching tables bring to the gaming floor,” says Steph Nel, general manager for the Americas. “With the addition of Blaze Baccarat, operators can now take advantage of offering one of the world’s most popular card games whilst improving the playing experience for the customer.”

Qorex Electronic Gaming Solutions will also be on view featuring a selection of 23-inch and 27-inch gaming terminals. The Qorex range of products combine the experience of live gaming while delivering the benefits of electronic gaming, such as added security and real-time reporting so casino operators can evaluate the status of their terminals at any time and act immediately as required. With the ability to feature live and RNG games and flexible configuration options from single terminals, eye-catching themed carousel units to full stadium set ups, Qorex provides operators with electronic gaming solutions to fit every requirement.

As the leader in research, development, services and innovation in the live gaming space, TCSJohnHuxley will showcase some new and exciting innovations in addition to its world-renowned core products, which have become industry benchmarks combining quality, innovation, reliability and security.

To see all these products and much more, visit TCSJohnHuxley at G2E Booth #4439, or go to

TransAct’s Epicentral 4.0 System to Debut at G2E

TransAct Technologies Inc., a leader in software-driven technology and printer solutions for high-growth markets, will debut its all-new Epicentral 4.0 promotion and bonusing print system at G2E 2019. Stop at Booth #2423 to get a look.

TransAct Technologies Inc., a global leader in software-driven technology and printer solutions for high-growth markets, will debut its all-new Epicentral 4.0 promotion and bonusing print system at G2E 2019. The company will also highlight its full lineup of casino and gaming printers and software solutions, including its Epic Edge ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) printer, which has quickly become the full-featured printer of choice for gaming devices worldwide. The Company will also demonstrate for G2E 2019 attendees its BOHA! SaaS-based software and hardware ecosystem for restaurant and foodservice operations.

“The Global Gaming Expo is an annual highlight for our casino and gaming team as we renew relationships across the global industry and connect with new customers,” says Bart C. Shuldman, chairman and CEO of TransAct. “At G2E 2019, we’ll showcase a diverse and innovative lineup of products including a significant leap forward for our promotion and bonusing solution, the industry’s most advanced and reliable lineup of printers, and our revolutionary BOHA! ecosystem that can help casino operators better manage their large, complex back-of-restaurant operations.

The all-new Epicentral 4.0 represents a dramatic shift for industry-unique promotion and bonusing print systems. A game-changing new design greatly improves Epicentral’s performance and makes the system much easier to deploy. New capabilities allow Epicentral to gain more complete access to real-time player session data which will allow operators to better understand their floor performance environment and better target their players. Epicentral is TransAct’s latest SaaS-based offering available for on- or off-premise deployment. “We’ve long understood that Epicentral is a powerful marketing and promotional tool for casino operators of all sizes,” says Shuldman, “and Epicentral 4.0 furthers this promise.”

TransAct expects to commercialize the new Epicentral 4.0 solution in early 2020. Additional new features include:

  • All-new web-based user interface to improve the user experience
  • A home page that includes a comprehensive dashboard showing a full overview of past and present promotions running on the floor, a list of carded players actively playing on the floor and a leaderboard of the top players with their number of active sessions
  • A built-in query tool that allows users to find specific and refined data
  • A tool which allows operators to plan, analyze and check in on the success of their promotions

Epic Edge: The Leader in Ticket-In/Ticket-Out
The next-generation Epic Edge is the newest and best choice in TITO printers, offering a 50 percent improvement over existing printers thanks to its 300-dpi print resolution. Higher print resolution allows the Epic Edge to replicate a nearly unlimited array of characters and graphics, making it an ideal fit for casino operators around the globe. The Epic Edge also creates sharper barcodes which drive better ticket acceptance and reduced attendant calls, resulting in measurably improved floor performance that allows slot and table operations to run at peak efficiency.

Epic Edge can also print eye-catching, dynamic graphic images, making it ideal for implementation alongside applications such as Epicentral. The Epic Edge allows for firmware updates via a full speed USB 2.0 connection or directly via a micro SD card, making the process of updating firmware faster than ever. Other features include a single rugged outer chassis with color coded rails, numerous flexible port options (Serial, USB and Netplex), hot swap capability to eliminate game downtime, a faster ServerPort connection and an adjustable ticket bucket that accommodates standard and smaller, paper-saving tickets.

Epic: The Industry’s Most Trusted Name in Printing
Casino and gaming operators have come to value TransAct as the provider of the industry’s most dependable and reliable TITO and roll-fed printers. For more than 15 years, the Company’s Epic printers have been a key component of the player experience across slot machines, gaming machines and tables.

Epic printers on display at G2E 2019 will include:

  • Epic 950 – The long-time industry standard for TITO printing, TransAct’s Epic 950 continues to deliver proven performance in over 750,000 slot machines worldwide. Easily integrated into all game types, the Epic 950 features TicketBurst technology to eliminate player/ticket interference and is fully compatible with Epicentral to provide for the direct, real-time delivery of eye-catching personalized promotions and bonus offers.
  • Epic Edge TT – This unique, purpose-built printer takes the advanced Epic Edge outside the slot machine and on to table games, players’ club desks and cash desks. It packages a printer, internally mounted power supply and optional ServerPort in a tidy, compact design that is easy to deploy. In addition, thanks to its dual port capability, the Epic Edge TT allow operators to expand the bonusing environment created by their Epicentral deployments to non-gaming device applications.
  • Epic 880 – This compact printer for all types of gaming and sports betting machines (including video lottery terminals) features a modular design that is configurable to nearly any space, a variable length ticket presenter and ticket retract capability. It also offers auto paper loading and can accommodate 4-inch or 6-inch paper rolls.
  • Epic 430 – An easy-to-configure modular design makes the Epic 430 ideal for customer self-service kiosks. This printer features variable length tickets with graphics and coupons capabilities, quick paper roll changes, a fast print speed and an array of standard paper sensors.

BOHA!: Bringing Critical New Technology to Food Service Operations

BOHA! is the first single-vendor solution to combine applications for Inventory Management, Temperature Monitoring of Food and Equipment, Timers, Food Safety Labeling, Food Recalls, Checklists & Procedures, Equipment Service Management and Delivery Management in one fully-integrated platform. Individual cloud-based SaaS applications team with the Company’s purpose-built hardware—including the BOHA! Terminal and BOHA! Handheld—to deliver superior results for critical back-of-house operations. As casino operators provide for their guests a variety of menu offerings across different restaurant venues throughout their properties, BOHA! is an ideal solution that can assist in addressing current back-of-house operating requirements while providing a future-ready platform capable of addressing evolving needs.

For more information, stop in at G2E Booth #2423 or go to

VizExplorer Details Increasing Role of Automation in Slot Analysis at G2E

At G2E Booth #3630, the VizExplorer team will discuss the role of technology in lightening the work load for casino employees while increasing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of player data.

For most land-based casino operators in the U.S., the number of tasks staffers must complete to remain competitive is only increasing. At the same time, staff must to do more with less as most properties are consolidating casino teams into smaller and smaller units, significantly increasing individual workloads.

In addition, casino staff often wear a lot of hats, from executing strategic plans, managing financials and interacting with guests, to negotiating deals with vendors, coaching staff, and providing high-value analysis across the games on the floor. This time-starved environment has driven operators to look toward technology to help alleviate the rising demand.

The VizExplorer Slot Recommendation Engine, an automated slot analysis solution, bridges the gap by helping slot operators automatically identify new game changes and calculate expected lift to drive incremental slot revenue while spending less time analyzing their slot floor. Hear all about it at G2E Booth #3630.

The solution was designed to aggregate the vast quantities of accounting and player level data generated by an operator’s slot system, and identify new changes based on patterns and anomalies outside of standard analysis. The average slot performance manager spends upwards of 72 hours every month crunching numbers and building reports, with the ultimate goal of reaching an actionable decision.

This desire manifests itself through reports that become so repetitive that they begin to lose meaning and simply stack upon each other month-over-month. These reports include everything from manufacturer, denom and section breakdown analysis; to bank-by-bank and game-by-game analysis. Each operator puts their own unique twist on the analysis with the overarching goal being the same; to provide a list of 10 percent to 20 percent of the floor that, if changed in a meaningful way, could drive incremental revenue across the property.

The vast number of possible slot report variations combined with the non-analytical demands placed upon gaming operations, ultimately drive many to focus in on narrowly targeted reports and analysis that become the foundation and backbone of their game change initiatives. This narrow focus, while driven by necessity, also opens the possibility of missing opportunities that do not fit within the consistent behavior corridor. These challenges do not even account for the sheer time necessary to truly analyze games and players in conjunction with each other.

Working with dozens of casino operators, VizExplorer built the Slot Recommendation Engine to automate the entire process, analyzing each section individually for add, removal, move, and conversion recommendations. With the VizExplorer Slot Recommendation Engine, slot operators can get the slot floor analysis they need while getting valuable time back in their day to focus on other important tasks and day-to-day responsibilities.

For more information, meet the VizExplorer team at G2E Booth #3630 or go to

Win Systems Presents Best-in-Class Solutions at G2E Las Vegas

Win Systems, the leading technology supplier for the gaming and entertainment industry, will participate in the G2E Las Vegas trade-show in Booth #2848. The supplier attends this year edition with relevant new products both for the Systems and Gaming Divisions.

Win Systems will occupy G2E Booth #2848. The leading technology supplier attends this year edition with relevant new products both for the Systems and Gaming Divisions, with the aim of being leaders as a global supplier of high-value solutions.

Within its Systems Division, Win Systems will showcase new solutions for its casino management system Wigos, including powerful features to reward and promote player loyalty, player tracking features and advanced business intelligence tools.

Win Systems will also present its cybersecurity solution especially designed and adapted to the casinos and gaming venues requirements. This solution is supplied together with Cyberhat, a leading technology cybersecurity company, offering detection, analysis and remediation services against cyberthreats, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the Gaming Division, the company will show many new products for its slot range GameStar. Together with the successful slot cabinet GameStar S3 and its slant-top version GameStar ST3, the supplier will present amazing new games, including top symbol driven (Power Gong) and mystery SAP jackpots (Colossal Warriors, that will be premiered in G2E), a new modular jackpot sign and several new games for its multigame platform with more than 80 titles.

Win Systems will also exhibit its acclaimed multiplayer electronic roulette range, Gold Club, led by the ultimate launch targeting the numerous Asian players in casinos around the world, the Gold Club Huo Long roulette.

Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, commented, “Once again at G2E, we are delighted to show the great qualitative step forward we’re offering as global providers for our industry, with high-end new products and services that enable us to position at the top level in solutions for casinos of all sizes and locations. All of this, while maintaining our identity signs: 100 percent proximity to our clients and their needs and use of state-of-art technologies to optimize players experience.”

For more information, visit Win Systems at G2E Booth #2848, email or call +34 935 308 049.

Zitro Brings Wider Choices, Expanded Choice to G2E

Zitro will celebrate the world premieres of a multitude of games at G2E 2019, and also showcase two new cabinets from its Bryke Video Slots product line. Visit G2E Booth #4447 to meet the team and learn more.

To optimize its customers’ odds of success, Zitro will bring a host of new game titles and two superior new cabinets to G2E Booth #4447.

  • Allure will be the first cabinet to make its debut in Las Vegas. This amazing cabinet includes three 27-inch Full HD screens, as well as the state-of-the-art SmartDeck digital button panel. In addition, Allure has SynchroScreens, a powerful multimedia system integrated by the superior monitors that create an incredible immersive experience. Allure will be launched with three sensational new games. Within the ’88 Link’ family, two different games are going to be released: 88 Link Lucky Charms and 88 Link Wild Duels. Both games combine, for the first time in history, the proven “243 ways” game mechanic with the fantastic Link Bonus by Bryke. Zitro will also present ’88 Link Shock ‘, which brings together the successful 88 Link game and the exciting mystery prize ‘Link Shock’, which has revolutionized all the casinos in which it has been installed.
  • Illusion is the second cabinet that Zitro will present for its Bryke Video Slots. This portrait-type cabinet incorporates an impressive 43-inch Ultra HD curved monitor, a 21.5-inch digital topper, as well as the SmartDeck digital button panel. Illusion will be launched on the market with the world novelty Bashiba Link, an extraordinary multi-game that combines a fascinating Link Bonus, inspired by the mechanics of the worldwide success Link King, with a “243 ways” mathematic model. Bashiba Link has been designed with an attractive Chinese theme that, thanks to its graphics and sounds of unbeatable quality, creates an unprecedented experience on Illusion.
  • Fusion in its slant and upright version, is the well-known cabinet with which the global number one games Link King, Link Me and Link Shock are triumphing all over the world. In G2E, visitors will be able to see these world stars of the Bryke brand with more games available, as well as the huge library of individual multigames and LAP products that includes brands such as Pick & Win 24, Smart Spins, Hot Deal, Hit Me Up!, Link Shock, Blazing Pearls, Guns & Gold and 88 Shock.

All Zitro cabinets occupy less space on the casino floor and still provide more room inside the machines, than any other cabinet in the market.

As a world leader in Video Bingo, Zitro continues to innovate and launch great novelties that highlights its products in all Casinos. Zitro will present Energy King, a bank that combines four games with 3×4 cartons and three games with 3×5 cards with an exciting Bonus Link, as well as new games such as Fireworks, Wonderful Lamp, Power Bingo Story, and Funny Lucky Children. Another highlight will be the new range of multi-card video bingo games such as Royal Jade and Royal Pearl. And, complementing its wide and renewed offer of video bingo games, Zitro will bring to Las Vegas its latest promotional systems Zitro Horse Race and Dino Ding Pot, which are already causing a stir in casinos around the world.

Zitro Interactive will have a special place at the Zitro stand for its B2B and B2C products. For the operators of online Casinos, Zitro will make available its best Video Bingo games as well as Video Slot that are establishing it as a global leader. And all G2E visitors, in general, will be able to discover Zitro’s latest mobile application, the social casino Let’s WinUp!, which brings together many of the best Video Bingo and Video Slot games of the company for all players, even those who do not seek gambling, but only fun and entertainment.

“The Zitro stand at G2E Las Vegas is the place that nobody can miss this year,” says Johnny Ortiz Viveiros, founder and passionate leader of the fastest growing company in the global gaming industry. “Our growing market share around the world requires that we not only offer more games, but also make a wider variety of cabinets available to operators, so that our products can bring the desired diversity to the casino landscape. In G2E Las Vegas we will present new cabinets and multiple new games, making our offer the best of all, for any operator.

“Our vision was and still is to be a global leader in this very competitive market. All our efforts are made to achieve this goal and I could not be more excited and proud of what we have already achieved, getting closer every day to our goal. I want to thank the amazing group of people at Zitro who join me on this road, and who make all of this possible. I am very happy that a young company like ours has, at this moment in time, the 3 most popular games in the world! Come to our stand to see for yourself how we are crushing it!”

Zitro can be found at Booth #4447 at G2E. For additional information, visit