Big Bets

As more U.S. states launch legal sports betting, operators and suppliers are flooding the field in search of some action

Published in the November 2020 issue.

Novomatic Americas

In a year of seismic upheavals, Novomatic Americas is collaborating with its partners to help them come back stronger and more resilient

Published in the October 2020 issue.

NIGC, Then & Now

More than 30 years after the establishment of the National Indian Gaming Commission, past commissioners look back on times of conflict, accommodation and cooperation.

Published in the October 2020 issue.

Is Baccarat Booming?

It’s the biggest moneymaker in casinos, but lots of U.S. players have never played baccarat. Here’s why the game is big in Asia, and could get bigger elsewhere.

Published in the December 2019 issue.


According to Gamblit Gaming CEO Eric Meyerhofer, more casino operators are coming around to the inevitability of new gaming forms

Published in the October 2019 issue.

Synergy Blue

Young would-be gamblers want a product that looks, feels and sounds like the arcade games they grew up with—Synergy Blue is working to fill the bill, and then some.

Published in the October 2019 issue.

When Self-Service Is the Best Service

Kiosk technologies have changed casino floors, hotel front desks, bars, restaurants, parking garages and more. Surprisingly, while automating once-human transactions, they have made hospitality more hospitable.

Published in the September 2019 issue.

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