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Zitro fills the library of its new Glare cabiinet while branching out to new channels

Zitro defines glare in different ways, but the one most apropos to Zitro’s latest cabinet is “a dazzling or showy appearance.” Compared to the preceding cabinets from Zitro, Glare cabinets are wider, much brighter, and much easier to service.

When it debuts in the first quarter of 2022, Glare will include a large library of titles to guarantee fresh content and unique experiences to players, says Sebastian Salat, CEO of Zitro. Some of these games will be ready to go by the current year’s end.

One of the stars of the Glare product line is the Altius cabinet. Altius measures almost 31 inches wide, more than 100 inches high, with a depth close to 33 inches. The cabinet features a 55-inch giant LCD. “Altius Glare will be launched with four Wheel of Legends titles featuring the best graphics and animations of the gaming industry, as well as amazing premium sounds, providing players a fantastic experience,” Salat says.

All games will run in both existing cabinets and the Glare versions of those cabinets. “So, for instance, the game that runs on the Allure cabinet will also run on the Allure Glare cabinet. Same will happen for the Fusion and the Illusion versions,” Salat says. “Any new games developed in the future will also be compatible with both the existing product line and the Glare product line. Zitro wants to protect the customers’ investment by launching all new games ready for both products.”

Besides Glare, recent Zitro games are also making an impact in new jurisdictions.

In the summer, Zitro USA introduced the 88 Link Lucky Charms and Wild Duels Progressive multi-game machines at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa. The games come in the new ultra-slim Allure Cabinet with three 27-inch HD LCD monitors, along with SynchroScreens, in which the upper screens sync up on a bank level, creating a visual spectacle comparable to the aesthetics and functionality of a cost-intensive overhead signage. The games carry five levels of progressives, and the top award starts at $10,888.

“We welcome these exciting new games from Zitro USA,” says Dan Ingster, vice president of slot operations at Hard Rock Tampa.

Both 88 Link and Bashiba Link include multi-level stand-alone and local-area progressive jackpots. “They provide players with bonus rounds, in addition to the dazzling sounds and graphics,” Salat said.

88 Link Lucky Charms combines for the first time Zitro’s Link Bonus with a multi-way game mechanic on the Allure cabinet, with four games inspired by Japanese culture.

Unveiling new products is a relief in the Covid-19 pandemic era. Zitro, headquartered in Luxembourg, faced difficulty during the pandemic, something they still deal with as new strains evolve.

“When the pandemic started, we took all the necessary measures to protect our employees, help our suppliers and business partners, and support our customers, since casino operators all over the world had to close their facilities temporarily, or operate under very tough restrictions,” Salat says.

He sees positive trends in the growing vaccination programs in many countries. “But we need wider and faster distribution of the vaccines worldwide, so tourism and entertainment can come back to the pre-pandemic levels and economic growth can accelerate.”

Zitro, founded by Johnny Ortiz in 2007, has not simply been waiting for the Covid-19 crisis to pass. “We have been working very hard to catch up with our ambitious game development and product engineering plan, so we can be prepared to respond to the increasing demand for our very successful games worldwide,” Salat says.

The pandemic has heavily impacted Zitro customers worldwide from an economic standpoint. “We understand the need to release better titles than ever, and the need to make sure those titles are compatible with the equipment hardware our customers already own. To launch great performing titles to attract players to the casinos is the single best thing slot manufacturers can do,” Salat says.

The pandemic has also accelerated online casino play.

One of the most successful games Zitro has been commercializing for the land-based casino markets is the group of Link King local-area progressives. The first Link King games have already launched in digital format and can be played in many online casinos around the world. “After Link King, the Link Me and 88 Link games will be also available in digital format, and more and more games will follow to make our digital game offer comparable to our already existing, amazing game offer for online casinos,” Salat says.

Zitro Digital oversees the distribution of digital games to online casino operators. “Our digital game portfolio includes the widest offer of video bingo games as well as some of our most successful video slots,” Salat says. “Our goal is to launch our games for the digital market immediately after they have been launched for the land-based markets, so we can offer players the very same game choice no matter the distribution channel they decide to use.”

Don’t forget Zitro’s video bingo products. “We center all our efforts in commercializing these products in European, Latin American and Asian markets, where this type of game is extremely popular,” Salat says.

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