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YourPlay No Way

YourPlay No Way

The spotty success of the responsible gambling program YourPlay, that was introduced in 2016 in the Australian state of Victoria, was outlined in a report issued in 2019. Over the three years studied, the report said the very low usage of the card was due to many different reasons, but there were some benefits from using YourPlay.

The pre-commitment program was designed to allow gamblers to make better-informed decisions about their gambling activity and therefore reduce harm to those susceptible to problem gambling, and it included setting limits on play, whether monetary or time limits. And while the technology worked, there were still some major hurdles to be overcome before YourPlay could be a major assist in the battle to reduce problem gambling. Like many casinos do, the program utilized “mystery shoppers” to test the technology, the customer service and the results.

YourPlay was an option when signing up for loyalty cards at clubs and hotels, but was required at Crown Casino in Melbourne, where it is used to access the unrestricted slots. The chart below, which chronicles the interaction of the mystery shoppers, is from the report, available from the Victorian Justice Department website

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