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Wolf Run 2: Into The Wild

International Game Technology

Wolf Run 2: Into The Wild

As part of a re-emphasis on successful core video games, IGT went back and modernized the technology of one of its most popular video slots of all time, Wolf Run.

Wolf Run 2: Into The Wild employs the same game mechanic as the original Wolf Run, with high hit frequency, free-spin bonus events and the signature stacked wild symbols. However, the company has brought the graphics of the decade-old title into the 21st century with the AVP format.

The company’s designers used the higher computer power to create a striking graphic mix of artwork and actual wildlife photography. Instead of one animated wolf symbol, the reel symbols depict photographs of wolves in the wild. In attract mode, the LCD screen on top alternates among several wildlife scenes, and the entire backdrop scene for the primary game changes every five minutes.

The entire symbol set of the game uses real wildlife imagery shot by world-famous nature photographers. The images are accentuated by IGT’s MLD (multi-layer display) technology, the 3D effect that causes symbols to seem to pop out of the screen.

In addition to random wild symbols, the game offers players the ability to choose their own bonus events. The base game is a five-reel, 40-line slot. Players can choose between two bonus events, the Arctic Free Games or the Animal Tracking Bonus. In the Animal Tracking Bonus, players pick from realistic sketches of big and small game animals in search of credits.

Manufacturer: International Game Technology
Platform: AVP
Format: Five-reel, 40-line video slot
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 400
Top Award: 20,000 times line bet
Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: 2%—15%

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