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Wild Native Harvest

AC Coin & Slot

This five-reel stepper is the latest game in AC Coin’s Mega Bonus Slots brand to use the “Slotto” style of mechanical top-box bonus, with the lotto-style ball blower. This version, a new entry in the “Slotto Advanced” series, is similar to the top box used in “Popcorn Slotto”-a square top box with the bonus apparatus inside.

It is also the latest AC Coin game to carry a Native American theme. In fact, the game has adapted the basic Popcorn Slotto theme into a design that fits nicely alongside the manufacturer’s “Wild Native Spirit” game, which has been wildly popular in Indian casinos.

The top-box bonus device displays just-harvested corn, with several corn stalks changing fall colors and the bonus balls appearing as “kernels” coming out the top.

The base game is the five-reel, 40-line version of IGT’s “Double Diamond.” With all paylines active, the top-box bonus is triggered every 41 handle-pulls-a very high frequency that is likely to keep players on the device a long time. The player receives one, two or four bonus balls out of the blower device (lights flash between three popcorn cups, stopping on one to indicate the number of bonus balls).

The bonus blower contains Slotto balls bearing nine values-eight credit values ranging from 40 to 500 credits, and one 2X multiplier ball. If one or more multiplier balls drop, all pay value amounts are first added together and then the multipliers are applied. If a single bonus ball is a 2X multiplier, it is multiplied by 500 for a 1,000-credit award. If a two-ball outcome are both multipliers, the 500 is multiplied by four.

If four multiplier balls fall into the chamber, it yields the highest possible bonus, which is also the highest possible award on the machine. The bonus award is 16 times 500, or 8,000, times the line bet. The top possible award here with maximum coins wagered is 160,000 credits. The top line jackpot, for five Double Diamond wild symbols on an active line at max-coin, is 100,000 credits.

Manufacturer: AC Coin & Slot

Platform: S2000

Format: Five-reel, 40-line stepper

Denomination: .01

Max Bet: Configurable, 40-800

Top Award: 160,000

Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%

Theoretical Hold: 7.01%-10.01%

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