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Wild Card Waiting

PRODUCT: What’s Wild • MANUFACTURER: Baaank! Games

Wild Card Waiting

Baaank! Games is launching a new poker derivative for the pit. “What’s Wild” is a cutting-edge game that gives players control over their outcome while boosting hands with surprise wild cards.

What’s Wild is a spin on the classic poker game Let It Ride. It allows players to place four bets and rescind up to three of them if they don’t like what they see. But it’s the wild card that changes everything.

During game play, players can take back their bets as the cards are revealed. If you don’t like the flop, you can take back a bet. Turn card weak? Take back another. Have a decent hand, but want to make it stellar? Ask yourself “What’s Wild” as the dealer flips the designated card that can take a hand from trash to a straight. If that wild card lets you down, you can take back another bet.

Baaank! Games produces games for seasoned and new players alike. Veterans will love the new twists on traditional games, while newer players will be attracted to innovative game play. Baaank! delivers the newest variants of table games, slots, bingo, and keno.

What’s Wild is currently live at Palace Station Casino, as of the end of August.

For more information or a demo, visit [email protected]

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