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Wheels of Fortune

Product: Roulette wheels, reader displays, Manufacturer: Gaming Partners International

Wheels of Fortune

Product: Roulette wheels, reader displays
Manufacturer: Gaming Partners International

Gaming Partners International offers a full-service, turn-key approach to providing gaming furniture and equipment for casinos worldwide. For years, its B&G line of precision roulette wheels has been sold all over the world. GPI is now adding roulette and baccarat reader displays to its extensive line of products.

GPI’s European roulette wheels have 37 number slots, including one through 36 and the single zero, and feature a low-maintenance, secure construction for a highly reliable and consistent game. American roulette wheels are made with extremely precise and secure production requirements and feature 38 number slots, including one through 36 and single- and double-zero slots.  

Utilizing precision mechanics, all GPI roulette wheels are equipped with high-security separators, machined from a solid piece of metal with tolerances of plus/minus 0.02 millimeters. Designed and built for easy maintenance, each wheel is individually checked on 12 different points before leaving the factory.  

To complement its line of precision roulette wheels, GPI also offers roulette reader displays. Roulette reader displays are available for both single- and double-zero wheels, come in a variety of sizes and feature real-time instant reading of the action on the roulette wheel. With an integrated camera, a slim design and easy installation, GPI roulette reader displays offer features like a display of statistics, such as the 16 last winning numbers, simple bets, hot and cool numbers, display of minimum and maximum table bets and an area for commercial messages.

GPI roulette readers are designed for integration with roulette wheels that have colored separator cells.

GPI also offers baccarat displays, which are fully customizable and display all the relevant statistics of the game.

GPI’s plug-and-play baccarat display features a 19-inch horizontal screen and an easy-to-use, table-mounted, 19-key keypad with calculator option, all of which can be networked to enable the display of real-time statistics. Graphics can be customized to accommodate the casino’s display preferences, including custom logo and background, table and game information, game statistics, results statistics, etc.

For more information about GPI’s roulette wheels and reader displays, visit

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