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Wheel of Legends

Zitro • Booth 4449

Wheel of Legends

One of Zitro’s most popular progressive jackpot/hardware formats is the Wheel of Legends, a four-level, multi-game progressive link.

Zitro’s latest release has grown to become one of slot players’ favorite multi-games due to its immersive visuals, advanced LED technology, and premium sound effects. Thanks to the creativity and talent of the team that has achieved the stunning 4K images, this multi-game release offers the best graphics currently available on the market.

Each of the game titles in Wheel of Legends includes four levels of jackpots, unique “243 ways” game mechanics and exclusive features such as Free Games, Multipliers, and Extended Wild Multipliers. The Wheel of Legends bonus round is a great example of a multi-level, exciting and engaging bonus round feature that keeps players coming back.

Wheel of Legends is featured on the premium Altius GLARE cabinet, which stands out on any casino floor, thanks to its large screens and advanced graphics. Altius GLARE features an impressive 55-inch 4K top display and 27-inch full HD base game display and an intelligent LED Halo, making it the perfect form factor for a truly immersive player-experience.

“Wheel of Legends is aesthetically appealing, and its outstanding visuals, high-quality sound effects and exceptional performance, among many other features, make it one of the top choices among slot players,” said Derik Mooberry, CEO of Zitro USA. “We are confident that our latest innovation will continue to gain installations around the world and deliver incredible game play and exciting experiences.”

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