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Wheel of Fortune Triple Double Diamond

International Game Technology

Wheel of Fortune Triple Double Diamond

IGT flexes its muscle in the traditional reel-spinning genre with this classic, housed in the Megatower cabinet—the new S3000XL large-format cabinet, which comes complete with a two-player bench seat.

The Megatower places the Wheel of Fortune bonus wheel and wide-area progressive resetting at $1 million (dollar version) on top of one of the tried and true hits of IGT’s library, Triple Double Diamond. A longtime player favorite, the dominant feature is the combination of 2X and 3X wild symbols, which multiply the jackpot in a winning combination by two or three, with four to nine times the payoff for two of either symbol in a win. In a win with one of each symbol, the jackpot is multiplied by five.

The famous wheel bonus features additional jackpot chances for higher bets. A five-credit bet buys jackpot eligibility on a single payline. A 10-credit bet makes the jackpot eligible on two lines, and doubles the other wheel bonus awards. A 15-credit max bet makes the jackpot available on three lines and triples the other awards.

Manufacturer: International Game Technology
Platform: Megatower
Format: Three-reel, five-line stepper slot
Denomination: .25, 1.00, 5.00
Max Bet: 5, 10, 15
Top Award: Progressive; $1 million reset (dollar version; resets may vary by jurisdiction)
Hit Frequency: 28%
Theoretical Hold: 4%-14.1%

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