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Wheel Leveler

Product: AccuLeve; Manufacturer: TCS John Huxley

Wheel Leveler


Product: AccuLeve
Manufacturer: TCS John Huxley

AccuLevel for roulette wheels is an aptly named solution from TCS John Huxley to quickly and accurately check and adjust the level of a wheel.

AccuLevel was developed to facilitate the maintenance and security issues associated with the operation of roulette wheels, especially the potential of developing uneven wear of the ball track or drop zone bias. By actively rotating wheels, casinos can lessen the risk of operating with predictable drop zones as well as prolonging the life of the wheel.

Simply yet suitably engineered, the AccuLevel provides a single staff member the ability to level and rotate the wheel on a regular basis without the need to adjust electronic winning number-reading devices. Rotation can be done at any time: opening of game; between dealer changes; or even between spins during live play. It also can reduce the potential risk of injury from lifting and leveling heavy roulette wheels at awkward angles.

The unique design of AccuLevel allows easy and accurate three-point leveling, featuring a 360-degree wheel rotation plate with 15 indexed positions. By using the optional tri-point level, specifically designed to sit in the ball track, operators can quickly and accurately check and adjust the level of a wheel. AccuLevel combats unnecessary risks by making wheel leveling easy, fast and accurate, and eliminates any drop-zone bias caused by poor wheel calibration and lack of preventive maintenance.

AccuLevel works with both traditional roulette wheels that use rim mounted winning number detectors and TCS John Huxley Saturn wheels that have embedded sensors. 

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