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What Else Ya Got?

Phoenix-based marketing firm LaneTerralever recently released a report titled “Casino Player Trends Report 2024: How Non-Gaming Activities Are Transforming Casinos,” which encompassed a total of 1,533 U.S. respondents aged 21-75. The demographics were split relatively evenly between Gen Z (ages 21-24), millennials (25-40), Gen X (41-56) and boomers (57-75).

As the title suggests, the study focused on the increasing importance of non-gaming amenities for younger generations, especially for local casinos—overall, 83.9 percent of millennials and 80.5 percent of Gen Z said that non-gaming offerings such as bars, restaurants, spas and entertainment have a big impact on their casino loyalty, as opposed to 76.1 percent of Gen X and 65.3 percent of boomers.

The study also separated respondents by wealth, as those making more than $100,000 per year were placed in the “affluent” category and those making less were placed in the “non-affluent” category.

Posed with the same question, 79.3 percent of “affluent”respondents indicated that non-gaming amenities were included in the decision-making process, as opposed to 73.2 percent of “non-affluent” respondents.

A full copy of the study can be found at