Golden Record Delivers Total Customer Value

Under new management, this year VizExplorer continued its industry leadership by developing innovative technologies and introducing new capabilities that help operators optimize their casino businesses.

Over the years, the company’s solutions have made it easier to reorganize the gaming floor, identify new slot strategies, develop player reinvestment strategies and manage complex marketing campaigns. Every platform upgrade or new product feature introduced by VizExplorer is intended to expand the ecosystem and help operators run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

At G2E 2018, VizExplorer will showcase the Golden Record for Casinos. Designed to help operators combine multiple disparate data sources (on-premise, in the cloud, owned, third-party, etc.), VizExplorer’s Golden Record employs advanced machine learning algorithms to intelligently and effectively match data to a unique customer identity and deliver an accurate and unified profile for every player.

Matched data is culled from numerous touchpoints in the casino and beyond, giving a comprehensive picture of each player’s total value based on his or her activity across the property. For the first time, data from hotel, golf, spa, retail, entertainment, F&B, etc. can be matched to casino betting activity to broaden the profile of the typical player and include his or her total worth. The Golden Record effectively delivers a new database that casino marketers can use to deliver custom marketing offers targeted to specific audience segments most likely to redeem them.

Designed to be flexible and scalable, VizExplorer’s Golden Record architecture will allow additional data sources to be integrated over time as the business evolves. In addition, the Golden Record database is constantly refreshed, matching every new customer interaction in real time to the contact record, thereby enhancing the profile with all relevant behaviors and activity that inform the types of offers received.

Visit to request a product demonstration of the VizExplorer Golden Record solution, or any other VizExplorer products.

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