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Visual Evolution

Product: GEN3 Evolution Printer Manufacturer: FutureLogic, Inc.

Visual Evolution

FutureLogic, Inc. has launched a product designed as the next generation of promotional couponing.

The GEN3 Evolution ticket printer was designed specifically with promotional couponing in mind. It is the first gaming printer to offer an optional on-board promotional system module creating a separate and secure processing environment for TITO and promotional couponing.

The GEN3 Evolution printer leverages the latest printing and communications technologies. Features include:

• an easy, reliable direct system connection over an Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface;

• photographic-quality printing;

• a large, 450-ticket capacity tray;

• tickets printed and presented in less than one second; and

• an optional expansion card providing 32GB of additional memory.

The GEN3 Evolution printer has the only advanced graphics printing (AGP) technology in gaming, which enables it to print photographic-quality, eye-catching promotional coupons. With room for 450 tickets in less than three inches of vertical space (the standard height of all TITO printers), the GEN3 Evolution printer can save operators over 30 refills or $300 per year per game, according to the manufacturer.

The GEN3 Evolution is designed to keep pace with current and future demands of server-based gaming, promotional couponing and continually evolving TITO markets. The printer’s TITO game ports include USB 2.0 (GSA, GDS, SPC/IGT, SBG), RS-232 and Netplex. Promotional ports include Ethernet, USB 2.0 and RS-232.

To further facilitate couponing, the printer features a PBS Programmable Bursting Scheme that can be used to burst single or multiple joined coupons directly into the player’s hand during or after a play session. Like the GEN2 series of printers, the GEN3 Evolution is hot-swappable, and has ITH Intelligent Ticket Handling, which ensures tickets are only available after they are fully printed and burst, and an IntelligentBezel feature, which reduces paper jams.

For more information, contact FutureLogic at 818-244-4700 or visit

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