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Virtual Roulette

Aruze Gaming America

Virtual Roulette

This new multi-player e-table gives slot players a way to learn the game of roulette, in a slot environment. In fact, regulators recognize each play station on Aruze’s Virtual Roulette as a slot machine for tax and revenue purposes.

However, Virtual Roulette, part of Aruze’s “G-Station” series of multi-player electronic games, provides a super-realistic roulette experience, thanks to its “HD Projection Roulette Concept.” This involves a holographic projection of the ball for the wheel spin—players see the ball roll around the central roulette wheel (it is surrounded by player stations), and the vision is that of an actual ball. However, it is a holographic representation—meaning this is legal as a slot product even in jurisdictions that allow no table game equipment such as physical roulette balls.

As for as the game itself, it is traditional roulette, with only a slight alteration to the traditional odds of the live table game. The small variance is due to the fact that no 5-spot bet is offered, and also because of one very distinctive slot-style addition—a three-level progressive jackpot.

Players are given the option at the beginning of play to make a side bet on the “Jackpot Chance” feature. There are three side-bet variations available to casinos, each with its own pay table and return-to-player percentage. If the ball drops into a “Jackpot” slot on the wheel, there is a prize displayed on the corresponding pocket, and players who made the bet receive one of three progressive levels or a fixed credit prize, chosen at random.

According to the manufacturer, even with any of the side bet configurations and accounting for the 5-spot, the house edge on Virtual Roulette is very close to the live game.

The player has the option to view the classic roulette betting layout on their screen, or they can take things to the next level and use a “Strategy Screen” to view the roll history prior to the bet. The game can accommodate from eight to 50 play stations linked to each wheel spin.

Manufacturer: Aruze Gaming America
Platform: G-Station
Format: Electronic multi-player roulette
Denomination: .50, 1.00 (other denominations available)
Max Bet: Adjustable to $70,000
Top Award: Progressive; $5,000 reset ($1 denomination)
Hit Frequency: Varies by wager
Theoretical Hold: 6%-7% (varies by side bet)