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Virtual Reader

Araksi Sargsyan, Head of Business Development, DS Virtual Gaming

Virtual Reader

Araksi Sargsyan is a bookworm. She creates a home library wherever she lands in her work: Latin America, Asia, Armenia, and her hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia. She gives some of those books to her co-workers.

“However, I don’t know why my Peruvian colleagues need works of Remarque and Marquez in Russian,” she quips.

Spreading her love for books throughout the world speaks to Sargsyan’s travels on behalf of her employers. Born in Tbilisi just as the country separated from the Soviet Union, Sargsyan describes herself as Armenian by nationality with Russian roots and a Georgian spirit.

She received a degree in linguistics, but never felt a connection to that field.

While still in university, BetConstruct invited her to interview for a job.

“I had a football past, so integration into the gambling industry was not difficult for me,” says Sargsyan, now head of business development for DS Virtual Gaming.

She loved the excitement, the risk. “You will not get bored.”

Sargsyan sees travel as part of her career plan. “Since childhood, I have studied foreign languages, as I have always dreamed of communicating with people from different countries, with a different mentality and vision of the world,” she says.

Sargsyan joined DS Virtual in April 2020 just as the coronavirus pandemic took root. Her current position interacts with all departments to coordinate tasks and offer the client the best experience.

“It begins with product development, sales, account management, and so on. Here I can use all my experiences on a grand scale, and it makes me happy,” she says.

Covid-19 cut out all travel.

“I am a very extroverted and open person,” Sargsyan says. “I like meeting new people and getting to know their stories personally.”

On the other hand, she got to spend more time with her family.

“But I am looking forward to meeting my colleagues and industry peers again. Nothing beats live communication.”

Sargsyan spent almost two years with Digitain and two and a half with FinUnion.

“To some extent, BetConstruct, FinUnion, Digitain, and now DS Virtual Gaming made me what I am now,” she explains. “Being a person who always works with dedication and gives all the best where I can, I have absorbed the philosophy of my companies. Each of them generously rewarded me with experience.”

When it comes to obstacles, Sargsyan says you need to understand the source of the problem.

“Patience is a crucial aspect. I am a very temperamental person. So, staying calm and waiting has been something that I needed to learn. At the end of the day, obstacles are in our heads.”

She says her parents are her biggest boosters.

“Their unconditional love and sacrifice made me what I am today,” she says. “When I was 14, my parents told me ‘Remember, daughter, no matter what happens to you in life, in this house you will always find love and support.’ These words inspired me.”

In five years. Sargsyan hopes her company becomes one of the most sought-after for virtual games. And she hopes to have a family.

As for advice, she says enjoy every moment.

“Appreciate everything you have before it fades away,” she says. “Don’t judge yourself for each mistake. After all, you are just a human being.”

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