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V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43


V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43

The “Very Important Player” experience in a curved lounge style is available with the next generation of the popular V.I.P. Lounge cabinet—the V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43.

The cabinet employs an impressive compact curve in a space-optimized format with big, 4K impact. With one continuous, UHD Curve LCD screen and game-dependent LED backlights, this modern gamer’s cabinet delivers the perfect gaming presentation to players. A 15.6-inch player interface as well as various button panel layouts are also available.

This cabinet has had tremendous interest from customers. They see it as the most highly comfortable and visually engaging way for their players to play. Standout new Novomatic content in 4K, like the soon-to-be-released Great American Wilds, is enhanced by the 25mm LED illumination and game-dependent color effects. This impressive format provides bold game play, and incredible feature entertainment.

The comfort of the plush V.I.P. Scorpion Chair provides maximum impact in an optimized footprint. With its space-optimized format and its vertical 4K-ready 43-inch curve touch screen, the cabinet will feature a host of new titles for 2018.

“The perfect gaming curve view and interactive LED illumination deliver an even more compelling gaming experience,” says Kathleen McLaughlin, vice president of marketing and product management for Novomatic Americas. “The curved screen and viewing angle enhance the suite of premium game content offered on the V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43. It is an absolutely breathtaking cabinet—a true player’s cabinet designed for maximum entertainment in a minimum footprint.”

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