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Universal Loyalty


Universal Loyalty

Cendyn’s loyalty platform, eLoyalty, unlocks new and lucrative revenue streams through guest food and beverage spend.

A successful loyalty program looks at all aspects of guest activity and should reveal and expand hotel revenue streams while increasing occupancy, rates, and RevPAR. It also recognizes that not all loyal guests are of equal value.

A guest who stays frequently but does not spend much on ancillary services may be less valuable than a guest who doesn’t stay often but has a high ancillary spend. Additionally, a local guest may not stay overnight but spend significantly on gaming, dining and alcohol. While their lifetime value and spend varies widely, these are all loyal guests and should be included in your loyalty program.

Cendyn’s eLoyalty enables hotels and casinos to deliver a seamless loyalty engagement experience by including their food and beverage outlets as guest touchpoints in their loyalty program. Loyal guests can receive credit towards their loyalty membership status from all food and beverage purchases without having to stay on property and/or place charges on a guest folio. This presents a new way to reward and engage with your loyal, local guests enjoying your restaurant at their favorite hotel for a night out.

eLoyalty admins can easily enable and configure non-stay rules for their loyalty program, including the number of points earned on a specified amount of revenue, which member levels or tiers are eligible, and the minimum spend required, among other parameters. Here are a few ways operators can leverage eLoyalty’s latest enhancements:

  • Increase loyalty membership enrollments by incentivizing in-house and local guests with a memorable drink or dine-in experience. Allow them to accrue points from their food and beverage spend that goes toward their membership status.
  • Expand your local/drive-in market by advertising and promoting your restaurant rewards and staycation packages. Allow locals to accrue points or rewards towards their loyalty membership with every on-property experience. Guests would no longer need to charge their food and beverage to their guest folio to receive credit.
  • Help drive more direct bookings with offers incorporating food and beverage incentives on the casino’s website. Tying these offers to the loyalty program will encourage website visitors to engage even more with the casino’s brand and services before they book.

By integrating food and beverage spend, hotels can now build deeper relationships with guests and evolve their loyalty program to create a seamless on-property experience.

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