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Universal Cabinet with Gold Ball Roulette

Interblock Gaming • Booth 1239

Universal Cabinet with Gold Ball Roulette

Interblock’s Universal Cabinets hold a special place in the company’s line of luxury products. These personalized gaming machines are the result of Interblock’s technological and design progress. In their simplest form, these devices offer a first-class playing experience.

Whether placed in the center of a casino floor or making use of a remote area, Universal Cabinets offer a universal answer to all casino questions. The well-accepted Golden Ball game is now also incorporated into the Universal Cabinet offer. Using the Universal Cabinet Vertical Roulette as a base to introduce a new product to the players, a necessary redesign was done to match the overall look with other Golden Ball products.

The roulette betting layout is the same as with the any other Golden Ball game—the red betting fields are colored gold. The players place their bets on betting fields and/or on the side bet field. The game starts by them pressing one of the physical buttons on the station. This will finish the player’s betting time and a mechanical display of the roulette wheel will start spinning in the clockwise direction.

The ball will spin in the opposite direction. When both the ball and the wheel stop, a result will be declared. Since the mechanical display only displays one ball, the golden ball event will randomly be announced by special lights and sounds after bets have been closed (in the “no more bets” stage). Lights around and inside of the roulette ring as well as the LED armrest will light up in a golden color and a voice will announce the appearance of the golden ball.

Unlike with the electromechanical roulette wheels, where each ball has its spinning time, the UC Golden Ball’s game time remains the same as with its predecessor. The RNG, hidden inside the cabinet, grants complete randomness with golden and white ball distributions without interfering with the regular game time.

Due to its design, the Universal Cabinet can be assembled and displayed in a straight line, in a round carousel, or back to back using minimal effort and allowing optimal use of any casino space.

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