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Uncovering Egypt


Uncovering Egypt

This new video slot features a unique interrelationship between the primary game and the main bonus feature—the more wins in the primary game, the more frequently bonus events occur.

The five-reel, 50-line primary reel set appears over a map of an archeological “excavation site” in Egypt. Each reel spot is also a “Trigger Tile” covering a section of the map. When a winning combination occurs, the corresponding map section is unveiled, and the progress toward revealing the entire map is logged on the top LCD screen. When the entire map is unveiled, the Pick-A-Prize is triggered.

The bonus also can be triggered on a line combination with three sarcophagus symbols on the middle reels. These symbols also are stacked reel-length wild symbols in the base game. Picking tiles in the bonus to uncover sections of the “excavation site,” the goal is to uncover all artifacts before finding three rocks to end the bonus. If all the objects are found, an additional bonus prize is awarded and the picking round is retriggered—this time with higher bonus values but fewer objects, making it more likely the rocks will be found to end the bonus.

This process can repeat with up to four retriggers, with higher bonus values each time.

Manufacturer: GTECH
Platform: ProdiGi Vu
Format: Five-reel, 50-line video slot
Denomination: .01, .02
Max Bet: 250, 500
Top Award: 10,400 times line bet
Hit Frequency: 38.75%
Theoretical Hold: 2.09%-10.81%