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TYM Floor Performance


TYM Floor Performance

A global leader in table games optimization, Tangam Systems is trusted by some of the largest casinos to maximize profit and improve patron experience for over 5,600 tables in nine countries.

Tangam’s breakthrough software, TYM (Table-games Yield Management), optimizes spread planning, game-mix, and dynamic management for table games. TYM is the only software of its kind, and results in improved profitability, highly productive teams, and a better guest experience.

Tangam’s latest addition to the TYM suite of products, TYM Floor Performance, is the perfect example of a progressive product within the gaming industry because it challenges the status quo of how table games operations at all levels are traditionally run, to a more dynamic and data-driven culture. Operations managers are empowered with software tools to make better, faster decisions, both for future planning and in real time.

TYM Floor Performance makes complex table games data actionable to ordinary users, enabling managers run their businesses and drive performance improvements. It combines decades of table games operations expertise, software development, statistics, combinatorics and cutting-edge visualization technology. Complex table games data is turned into a simple and intuitive interface that offers new insights and yielding opportunities, for ordinary users, with a few clicks of the mouse.

A game changer for any casino operation, TYM Floor Performance users don’t need specialized analytics software or table games analytics experts to identify opportunities to improve financial or operational performance of table games. The module allows non-technical users to directly visualize the key financial and operational performance indicators directly on the casino’s floor map, and quickly drill down to the specific game, pit area or asset level to validate a decision to adjust the floor layout or game mix, or determine patron flow.

A first of its kind within the table games space, executives gain unprecedented insights to gain transparency and improve table games EBITDA. It replaces traditional static printed floor maps with more dynamic, interactive and current maps and KPIs, dramatically reducing the time it takes to make a floor optimization decision.