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Tribal Benefits in Washington

Tribal Benefits in Washington

According to the Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA), tribal enterprises generate revenue and taxes that benefit both tribal members and citizens of the state of Washington. In a new economic impact report, “The Economic & Community Benefits of Tribes in Washington,” WIGA outlines the many ways the state prospers as a result of tribal enterprises, principally tribal gaming. According to the report, authored by Jonathan Taylor of the Taylor Policy Group, tribes contributed $6.6 billion in state products, $1.5 billion in wages and $1.2 billion in direct state taxes. Tribal enterprises are responsible for 37,000 direct jobs—making them collectively the sixth-largest employer in the state—54,000 jobs that trace back to tribal enterprises with 72 percent of both categories being non-tribal members. In the 30 years that tribal gaming has been conducted, tribal members’ income has increased by 46 percent, unemployment has dropped 31 percent and a full 65 percent have attended college. As a result of this increasing prosperity, tribes are more economically independent than ever, with almost 75 percent of tribal revenues coming from taxes or enterprise disbursements in 2019. To learn more, visit

The Economic and Fiscal Flows of Washington Indian Tribes

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