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TransAct Launches 'EpiCentral' Print System

Thermal printing supplier TransAct Technologies has announced the launch of the “EpiCentral” print system, a software solution that will enable printing of promotional coupons and other messages for players while they are playing slot machines.

The EpiCentral Print System connects directly to TransAct’s “ServerPort” device inside the slot machine, and allows a casino to internally develop marketing programs and promotional coupons to be distributed to customers on a real-time basis at a slot machine.

The system will work with all existing slot systems and games, as it is separate and distinct from the slot system itself. Thus, casinos can use the EpiCentral Print System to connect to any existing slot machine, regardless of the game’s manufacturer or the casino’s slot system, as long as the slot machine is equipped with a TransAct Epic 950 printer. Casinos that do not currently have the Epic 950 in their slot machines can easily change out their existing printers and add the Epic 950 and ServerPort.

Through the use of the software system, casinos will have the ability to provide players with special drawing entries, real-time promotional coupons and marketing messages, restaurant meals, show tickets and hotel rooms, among many other possibilities. Essentially, the casino will be able to utilize the system to create multiple promotions and incentives to either increase customer time spent on the casino floor or encourage additional visits. In addition, the EpiCentral Print System supports two-color printing and contains multi-language support for any casinos looking to take advantage of these additional features.

In addition, TransAct is launching a test of a couponing system with Foxwoods Casino Resort in Connecticut. The casino will conduct a trial installation of the EpiCentral printers on 300 of its 6,000-plus slot machines next month.

The printers, which will be installed directly on the slots, will offer gamblers instant player rewards in the form of coupons for free show tickets, discounted meals and hotel rooms and more, and also promote Foxwoods’ non-gaming attractions.

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