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Tokes Made Easy

Product: TokeTally Manufacturer: South Montgomery Solutions, LLC

Tokes Made Easy

The future of toke management and accounting will be on display at G2E 2014. Casinos, card rooms and other gambling establishments spend thousands of dollars every year to count, report and distribute tokes and tips to casino dealers. TokeTally relieves them of that burden and saves money.

TokeTally is a technologically innovative system conceived and designed for one purpose: to effectively and cost-efficiently manage and accurately account for casino tokes. The technology behind TokeTally is proven and secure and accepted as industry standard in some of the world’s largest and most successful casino operations. TokeTally is unique and elegant in its simplicity, says James Delaney and David Bakalian, cofounders of South Montgomery Solutions LLC, the owner of TokeTally.

Delaney and Bakalian are casino veterans with  over 70 years of gaming experience between them. They understand what makes a successful operation, and want to help operators take a step forward into the future of profitable casino operation using reliable innovative technology.

“We have removed the endless cycle of toke collection, accounting, and replenishment of casino chips for toke purposes,” Delaney says. “In doing so, we have eliminated the security issues and labor-intensive process involved in chip fills for tokes in modern casino operations. Our system eliminates all the human intervention required from the time a dealer receives the toke and it begins its long journey around the casino floor and back to the cage to start its long journey again back to the gaming table.”

 Bakalian says TokeTally can be configured for any table operation.

“Our system can be uniquely tailored to all table games including poker operations,” he says. “It can be adapted to operations that pool tokes on a daily or weekly basis. It can accommodate shift-by-shift, pit-by-pit, or individual table toke accounting splits as well.”

The value of TokeTally will appear on the bottom line and in the operator’s peace of mind, says Delaney. “Conservatively we estimate a cost savings of 30 percent to the typical operator, and will provide the priceless component of security and integrity necessary to the process,” he says. “Our I.T. staff will integrate our system into any operation and uniquely tailor it to all needs. We are taking a giant step forward in toke collection and management. TokeTally does for toke collection what the modern ticket-in/ticket-out system did for slot accounting.”

TokeTally will be on display in Booth 3425 at G2E 2014. For more information visit or email James Delaney at, or call 917-207-7128.

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