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With TITA and CATA, CountR delivers the only one-stop-shop payment solution for live games. The CountR table payment solution is threefold. First, it brings TITO (with TITA) and carded cashless (with CATA) in connection with all major casino systems.

Secondly, it enables POS/debit buy-in functionality at the tables. And finally, CountR has now automated cash buy-ins through bulk bill and ticket validator. Designed to improve transaction efficiency and security, TITA and CATA gives greater comfort to players and keeps dealers focused on the game.

Despite its tiny footprint, the CountR micro modular kiosk is packed with features to enable operators to handle all types of payment mediums and to monitor the drop in real time. Tables are generating more revenue and all transactions are tracked, enabling better responsiveness to both player and operational needs, and AML requirements.

TITA and CATA enable uninterrupted play by eliminating table fills and credits, saving major time, cost and security risk by keeping the chips inventory at the table. The operator also sees a reduced number of chip transactions at the cages with cashless transactions processed at kiosks. Cash collection and reconciliation processes are also streamlined.

Fast becoming the most popular feature of CountR, TITA POS is the next step in live games evolution, providing cash access to buy in chips or a TITO ticket directly at the table.

And with its latest addition to the TITA range, CountR boasts the industry-fastest small form factor bulk bill validator with escrow. Securing transactions while increasing game speed, it also eliminates counterfeit fraud and removes the risk of error of manual cash handling.

A market leader in payment solutions, CountR keeps pushing boundaries, and its solution is constantly evolving to integrate with the latest technologies, making it a future-proof payment solution investment.