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The Web Factor

Product: Player's Life Web Services Manufacturer: WMS Gaming

The Web Factor

WMS Gaming has launched a new way for players to interact with both casinos and the games offered on the gaming floor. With Player’s Life Web Services, the company taps the expanded role of the internet, social media and mobile communication by adding an entertaining online component to casino games.

Player’s Life Web Services allows players to log onto games in a casino, and continue earning bonus features in online home versions of the games. Those rewards can then be used on the next casino visit when logging into the same game, providing an incentive to return to the casino.

In “The Lord of the Rings,” the first Player’s Life-enabled game, players unlock bonus content that is available only if they come back to the casino. Players earn “miles” at home to unlock new bonus events on their next visit.

At the recent Global Gaming Expo, WMS demonstrated 44 games integrated to its Web Services platform. The company considers this the next progression to its Adaptive Gaming platform, which allows players to save their progress through a game and resume play at a later time when they return to the casino. The company advocates both as new ways to help their casino partners stay connected with their players wherever they are.

Among other unique features, visitors to the new free Player’s Life site ( also can enjoy social games, discussion forums and real-time player accomplishment notifications. It is available for casino operators to offer through a link on property websites, or can be logged onto directly by players.

For more information on Player’s Life Web Services, visit or call 847-785-3000.

A marketing veteran also based in Las Vegas, Carolan Pepin has been working with companies from beyond the U.S. since her introduction to international business in Chicago with the Japanese conglomerate Panasonic. After being recruited to the gaming industry in 1996, Pepin worked for Aristocrat, Sigma Game and Cyberview Technology. Most recently, she has focused on helping an East European gaming manufacturer with its expansion into the American markets. Pepin can be reached via [email protected].

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