The New Whale

Product: SpendSight: RelevanceManufacturer: SpendSight Technologies, Inc.

The New Whale

Netflix collects massive amounts of data about its users’ viewing habits, and can break it down by region, time of day, watching hours and a plethora of other data. This has put that entertainment supplier in a unique position of being able to accurately predict what viewers want.

Casinos can now do the same with information in the players club. “SpendSight: Relevance,” produced by SpendSight Technologies, is a software package that allows casinos to match retail spend data to players club members, and execute offers designed to get people to return to the property based on relevant, accurate, minute-by-minute retail purchase behavior.

The product is cloud-based; no on-site equipment is required. Whether using SpendSight as a data dump into the casino’s warehouse, a plug-in to VizExplorer, Teradata, Salesforce or the solution of the operator’s choice, SpendSight: Relevance seamlessly captures the granular retail spending habits of players club members and puts it at the operator’s fingertips.

At the click of a mouse, the operator has access to receipt-level detail of each transaction, matched to a personalized players club profile, allowing the user to analyze, compare and execute campaigns across multiple properties, ZIP codes, vendors, price ranges, date ranges and more.

The product identifies the so-called “new whale,” who may not gamble much, but spends a lot of money at the steakhouse, showroom and spa. Data on non-gaming amenities like shopping, entertainment, accommodation and restaurants is vital because today’s casino customers are spending more time at non-gaming outlets than they are at tables and slots.

Big data is good, but smart data gets results. SpendSight provides smart, usable personalized data. Technology will never replace a personal touch, and SpendSight: Relevance product gives a marketing department the best of both worlds.

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