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The Lord of the Rings

WMS Gaming

The Lord of the Rings

This is a new mechanical-reel version of the WMS slot series based on the blockbuster The Lord Of The Rings films. There are two game themes—“The Fellowship” and “Land of Mordor”—each based on the legends of “Middle-earth” from the films and the J.R.R. Tolkien novels forming the story.

Both game themes are available in either the mechanical/video hybrid “Transmissive Reels” or in a three-reel video version. Available in progressive and non-progressive versions, they are presented in a “Sensory Immersion” format with the Bose Surround-Sound chairs providing the same punch as the video versions.

Both game styles include interactive top boxes with six unique features themed on characters from the films and novels. The features range from re-spins and multipliers to free-spin rounds, during which additional features may be triggered.

With either base theme, three scattered “RING” symbols trigger one of six random bonus features.

In “The Fellowship,” bonuses include:

“Smeagol Precious Prize,” a random credit prize of 50-3,000 times the bet; “Aragorn Quest,” one free spin with wins awarded at a multiplier from 10X to 30X; “Gimli Battle-Axe Spin,” in which the second reel stops at stacked wild symbols, and the other two reels spin and stop until a winning combination is awarded—a win that can be re-awarded up to 10 times; “Legolas Wild Arrows,” one free spin with up to nine random 1X or 2X wild symbols; “Galadriel Magic Reels,” a free spin with the first and third reels stopping on either centered 2X wild or stacked wild symbols; and “Frodo Free Spins,” an award of five to 20 free spins, with each scattered “RING” symbol awarding an additional seven to 20 free spins. The free spins log a meter, and collecting three of them triggers one of the other five bonus features, which plays in entirety before returning to the free spins.

“Land of Mordor” bonuses include variations on the same styles of bonus events—“Gollum Precious Prize,” a random credit prize of 50 to 3,000 times the bet; “Spirits of Nazgul” for the single free spin at 10X to 30X; “Troll Rampage Spin,” leading to a 3X wild symbol on the second reel with the others re-spinning; “Lurtz Uruk-hai Wilds,” the one free spin with up to nine random 1X-3X wilds; “Saruman Magic Reels,” a free spin with 3X wild symbols on the first and third reels; and “Frodo Free Spins,” as with the other base game.

Manufacturer: WMS Gaming
Platform: CPU-NXT2
Format: Three-reel mechanical “Transmissive Reels” or three-reel video
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 350
Top Award: 120,000 (“The Fellowship”); 150,000 (“Land of Mordor”)
Hit Frequency: 38%
Theoretical Hold: 4%—14%