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The Italian Job

Product: QXi-106 slot gaming platformManufacturer: Quixant Ltd.

The Italian Job

The QXi-106 is a complete gaming platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Italian slot machine market.

The QXi-106 utilizes high-performance AMD 64-bit CPU and ATI graphics together with dedicated hardware to handle the complex AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato) functional requirements.

The result is a compact platform that provides simple compliance with Article 110, Comma 6a of TULPS together with the benefit of advanced ATI PC-based graphics.

According to the company, the QXi-106 is more powerful, smaller, faster and cheaper than anything else currently on the market.

Uniquely, Quixant provides a complete Comma 6A-compliant software platform to its customers for the QXi-106, enabling slot manufacturers to quickly and easily create games that pass approval without time-consuming and expensive regulatory issues.

Quixant is officially accredited by AAMS  for the production of gaming platforms for the Italian market.

Some of the significant benefits that the QXi-106 delivers:

 • Designed specifically for the Italian market

 • Comprehensive built-in Comma 6a support

 • Simple connection using standard JAMMA connector

 • Full AAMS hardware and software compliance

 • AMD Sempron 64-bit CPU

 • AMD Radeon X1250 graphics

 • Low heat generation

 • Available with single and dual core processors

 • Dual independent monitors

 • Long-term availability (5+2 years)

 • Local technical support is provided by Quixant Italia Srl.

For more information, contact Quixant at +44 1223 892696 in the U.K., or +39 0765 400408 in Italy, or visit


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