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The Great Goldfish Giveaway

AC Coin & Slot

The Great Goldfish Giveaway

This game combines AC Coin’s “Slotto” mechanical top-box bonus—modified for an under-sea theme—with the slot-maker’s popular “Quick Hit” style of rapid bonus event, all on top of the five-reel version of IGT’s “Double Jackpot 7s,” which serves as the base game.

The Quick Hit bonus, which occurs every half-dozen spins or so, is triggered with two bonus symbols scattered on the middle reels. A game card bearing 20 possible credit awards on the top screen lights up. The award amounts blink out until one remains for the player’s award.

Bonus symbols on the middle reels at max bet trigger the main Great Goldfish Giveaway bonus. The game card on the top screen again activates, but this time the scene of animated fish and bonus balls in the middle of the board is activated. The player is directed to push a button to initiate the extinguishing of the lighted credit award squares until just one—the winning amount—is left and awarded.

After this award amount is displayed, the game’s top box initiates a drop of the lottery-style ball into the chamber. Each of the 10 dropped balls is imprinted with a different multiplier amount. When the winning ball is selected, the credit amount from the player’s game card will be multiplied by this number for the total payout awarded for the second bonus round.

Manufacturer: AC Coin & Slot
Platform: IGT S-AVP
Format: Five-reel, 20-line stepper slot
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 100
Top Award: 50,000 credits
Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: 7.84%—8.95%

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